Ice cream maker with soylent


I have seen a couple of people talk about freezing their soylent, and I was pondering how well it would work to freeze it with an ice cream maker. I was thinking it might give a better texture. Any thoughts? Has anyone tried this?

Has anyone baked with production Soylent yet?

I’ve thought about running Soylent though this when it finally arrives.


Now that is an interesting idea…


If anyone’s done it, @isaackotlicky probably has. And if not, he might. :stuck_out_tongue: So /poke.


By the way, if anyone’s in the Utah area and would like to run some Soylent though my machine, just let me know. I’m willing to let people make Soylent Ice Cream.


Time for a road trip!


Fun idea, but I don’t have an ice cream maker.



Still haven’t gotten that ice cream maker, but I think I may this spring. It’s been 84 degrees outside for days on end…


I am SO going to do this with a batch of my Soylent 1.0 when it gets here. :slight_smile: (I just have a normal ice cream maker, not a cool soft serve thing like @j8048188.)


Just wanna bring this post back into the forums eye, anyone tried it yet?


I bought a cheap simple ice-cream maker, but I haven’t yet acquired the rock salt, so I haven’t used it yet.


I might try to run it through my soft-serve machine this next week…


Soylent ice cream, anyone?


I forgot how much I enjoyed the Soylent forums… I’m just rereading some of the old threads and laughing… Still haven’t gotten that ice cream maker.

I think this might be the year for me to kick back on to soylent and start back up with the experimenting…


I’ve mixed Soylent with flavored whey protein and stuck it in the freezer for a while to turn it into ice cream. I blended some ice into the mixture and tried to do as little water as I could manage before freezing it though. You can’t leave it in there too long or will become a block of ice. Overall I liked it, not quite as tasty as regular ice cream, but significantly more healthy.


Welcome back! Nice to see some of the old guard coming around every once in a while.