I'd like to "Like" a whole thread


So many great suggestions in the linked thread, I went through it liberally clicking the :heart: but it would be great to be able to “Like” at the thread level. Then having some sort of way to sort or search by most-liked threads. This would help forum readers find the most helpful threads quickly.

This is a little different than just looking at the total number of “Liked” posts in a thread, because some threads are very long and have circular discussions, and may have a lot of posts that get a lot of “Likes,” but the thread isn’t particularly helpful overall.

Maybe it could also be possible to “Dislike” a thread. That would be sort of nasty and personal at the post level, but potentially helpful at the thread level. It seems like there may always be a lot of “I’m Mad!” threads, and some people will like them and some will dislike them. Allowing both Likes and Dislikes of a thread would help keep that in balance, so the “I’m Mad!” threads won’t inevitably rise to be most-liked.

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Love it… thread-level “thumbs up/down” type of voting would be extremely useful.


It’s not quite the same, but I think it meets some of your needs - “star it”. Between the Soylent logo in the upper left and the thread title, there is a grey star - click the star and it changes to a red star.


Yeah that’s handy and I do use the star feature, but it’s only for YOU. It doesn’t help anyone else to know if a particular thread is overall viewed by the community as helpful (or NOT!)

That’s where the thread-level liking/disliking would be great. So you don’t have to read through an entire big long thread to discover that it really wasn’t helpful at all.


You can ‘star’ a thread (topic). This is the same as making it a favorite.


What @vanclute said… the idea is to make a good thread easy for others to notice, not to set a personal bookmark.


It makes sense, and seems to have a useful purpose too…I’m for it, but then again, I’m not the one who would have to code it.


Or maybe have some threads earmarked as “quality discussions as voted on by the community”.