I'd like to see a solid bar/cookie version, too

I wanted to chime in with the few who have been hoping for a solid “bar” format.

The main reason I haven’t ordered a trial run of Soylent yet is, nutritional shakes are a nuisance to me. Mixing, chilling, drinking, cleaning the darn container… I’ve experimented with whey protein, Shaklee smoothies, and oat-based DIY a few times (with mixed results) but always ended up highly annoyed at the liquid food experience. If I’m going to have to engage in more than a few seconds of prep time and still end up washing dishes, why not just cook a traditional meal?

Note: I actually like shopping for groceries, moderate amounts of cooking, and of course eating. It’s having to spend all of my available time cooking that bothers me, and having to waste valuable decision power choosing what to eat for every meal. As well as having to wash dishes. I HATE WASHING DISHES. Even one single pitcher, even if it’s easy. I’d outsource 100% of dish washing forever if my budget allowed. (Alright, maybe I’d be okay with rinsing a water canteen once in a while. If it only held water, and if the tap runs really hot. But that’s about the limit.)

Give me a piece of solid food with instructions to consume so-many per day with half a liter of water each… Preferably one with a shelf life longer than a couple months so I can stock a little extra for emergencies. I’ve been looking at mealsquares. They seem to have the right idea, except for the limited shelf life. I hesitate to order those (“open beta”) without checking more reviews first though. Maybe I should try a DIY on that too, see if I can bake enough for a week.

I’ll be curious to find out what Rosa Labs comes up with in the future.

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They said they are working on a solid version, if i remember correctly.

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Yes, Rob said they were working on a solid version in the Reddit interview. I welcome it too. I recently tried the new product Meal Squares. I found them to be much more digestible than Soylent. I’m guessing it’s because it’s a cooked food. I normally get bad gas from whey protein powders, but Meal Squares contain whey protein yet I didn’t have a bad reaction. I’m glad Soylent is so popular, they have lots of money for R&D. These are exciting times…

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Since you’re curious about a solid DIY version here’s mine, it’s my regular drinkable DIY in baked form, four loaves is a full day.

I even sliced a loaf up the other day to make grilled cheese.


Little loaves? Hey that reminds me, I have a stack of silicone muffin pans somewhere. That should speed up cleanup. The though of having to scrape down and wash a 9x16 pan was putting me off. Silicone is much easier.

I’m thinking about copying mealsquares at home using their list of ingredients, the DIY tools, and a few educated guesses. Or just order a sample pack and be done with it… I think I already have nearly all of the ingredients though. I’ll look at your recipe too.

Looking forward to the day when there’s a ready-made nutritionally complete meal bar (or shake) to suit every taste and preference. Want to hedge against lack of diversity without having to waste daily decision capacity? Consistently use one brand for lunch, another for supper, a third brand post workout… Got a visitor coming with unusual dietary requirements? There’ll be a version on the market for that too. The protein and energy bar market has already opened the way in stores, so why not?

Yeah, about 2.5"x5". I used these silicon pans in the microwave. I don’t think it would work to well with a large 9x16, they tend to cook much slower in the center and I expect your edges would burn before it was cooked.

I’m using a keto DIY, all I need to add is three eggs, and I skip the water completely, though my recipe does use some heavy cream which I think helps here, I’ve tried it with and without baking powder and don’t see much difference. The flavor of the shake doesn’t really come through when cooked for some reason, so they’re kinda bland with a slight aftertaste of the normal flavor. I’m experimenting with additional flavor drops, so may have luck there.

About my wish list item of long shelf life… I assume any reasonably nutritious bar that isn’t made with horrible ingredients (example: most lifeboat rations) would have to be frozen to last very long. But then it occurred to me: freeze dry and vacuum seal! That should make shipping easier and buy at least a few more months in the pantry, another year in the freezer. Plus “astronaut food” is kinda fun.

I’d suggest experimenting with this as well, but the cheapest at-home freeze drying device I’ve found so far is about $3600. Yikes.


I freeze-dry my dragonfly specimens by putting them in the deep freeze on an open tray for a few weeks. No fancy machinery needed. Works best in an empty freezer(you can get a mini deep freeze for around $100 if you want a dedicated one). Once they’ve been desiccated, they need to be vacuum sealed or chemically treated to prevent them from absorbing moisture from the air. In the case of food, I’d go with vacuum sealing :stuck_out_tongue: