I'd like to see Soylent "Accessories"

I’d like to see some Soylent “accessories” sold. Many people are flavoring Soylent with all kinds of different things, people want different types of nutrients that some recognize as beneficial but aren’t necessarily recognized as needed, there are different blenders, cups, etc. that could be useful, and there are just a whole lot of different things people want out of Soylent. It makes perfect sense to me to keep to what is needed, but I wish there was stuff I could buy through Soylent with my shipment so I didn’t have to look all over at other places. Flavorings are probably at the top of my list, and some “non-essential” nutrients would be up there as well. Some of the hardware stuff can be hard to make/ship so I understand sticking to smaller things like flavorings, but this seems like a huge opportunity to make a lot more money for relatively simple.

In my vision, Soylent could be put together like ordering a pizza for delivery. You pick your pizza (in this case your order for the base Soylent), then you pick toppings (flavorings and non-essential nutrients), etc. The costs of each addition should be clearly written, and each option should be clickable so that the average person can learn more about what exactly the option provides. Most of these could come from community ideas IMO.

I hope you consider adding these options, because I’d rather get everything I need in one place and get them through the Soylent website than have to get each addition/accessory in different spots and have to go through companies like GNC.

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I could use some matching cufflinks.


Lol. Maybe I should’ve used the word additions? I don’t know, but I think you guys get the point. Different people have different needs/wants so starting closer to the minimum and then giving the option to add things considered not essential would be awesome. The community could give them lots of great ideas, and they could probably significantly drive the price down of the additions that many consider necessary, which would actually raise profits for them from the additions while also driving down the cost for the customer. win-win

Different flavors were confirmed by Rob in his recent AMA.

Vending machines? Definitely. Airports are the first target.
And yes there are plans for flavor mix ins.

We plan to stick with a relatively consistent nutritional base but we do plan to release different flavors and form factors, as well as easier ways to flavor it yourself.


This has been discussed a lot. I continue to agree with upsells or add-ons being offered.


testuring. Soylent as pudding, ice cream, chunks, bars.

Savory flavors: cream of mushroom,tomato, asparagus, fines herbes,carrot…

Mix and match spherifications

Filling stations at convenience stores…