Idea: CBD Soylent?

My son’s friend came up with the idea of adding CBD to Soylent.

My first thought was that CBD is not easily absorbed through the stomach, but it would be a tremendous marketing boon for the company.

What do you think about this idea?

CBD has no problem at all being absorbed through the stomach, it’s in countless “edibles” products. I’ve used it myself for a few years. I’m not sure how niche of a market CBD Soylent might be though. All things considered regular Soylent is already pretty dang niche (for as much as many of us would like to imagine otherwise!)


I’ve been a fan of CBD since ~2012. The problem is that there’s way more pseudoscience and hearsay than well designed double blind, peer reviewed research to back CBD.

It’s obviously needed by many who suffer from seizures. It seems to help with anxiety, pain, schizophrenia and ulcerative colitis for some…sometimes. There’s wild conjecture about how it affects sleep. Some call it an adaptogen because it seems to help people that most need help. Unlike probiotics in the new Squared product, CBD has very little footing to claim it belongs in every diet like vitamins, macronutrients and probiotics.

Unless Soylent has some cutting edge research that no one has seen, this idea is a non-starter.


I agreed with most of your post but then I randomly heard of these 2 things on The Daily Show tonight (in a segment about how CBD might be / is probably [mostly] bullshit, for the reasons you said above), which I just had on in the background while I was working:


[Somewhat] Unrelated: I found out about Soylent while watching The Colbert Report in 2014 (RIP) where RR was the guest.


I came across this article on the NIH website.

No doubt, there are studies. But even if we assume that there is undeniable proof that it helps pain and inflammation, that doesn’t mean it belongs in Soylent. Another substance that’s very helpful with pain and inflammation is ibuprofen, but no one would argue that ibuprofen should be a part of every meal.