'Ideal weight' and other Nutrient profile calculator improvements


There have been a few suggestions on the DIY Soylent feedback form to improve the nutrient profile calculator. One of the improvements was to allow a ‘gain weight’ option and also for a suggestion on ‘ideal weight’.

I was wondering if anyone has a suggestion on the best calculation to use for ‘ideal weight’ given the existing inputs on the nutrient calculator. And if there are any other ideas for improvements to the nutrient calculator I’d love to hear them.


Honestly, I would steer clear of any “ideal weight” values unless you made it a pretty broad range. You’re just setting yourself up for a situation of “I’m XXX pounds but it says I should be YYY! I’m perfectly healthy at XXX!!!”



To calculate ideal weight you need to take the ideal bmi and calculate bodyweight based on that and height.
Ideal BMI is probably 22.5 for women and 24.5 for men. See http://www.health-calc.com/body-composition/ideal-body-weight

This calculation ignores lean mass to body fat ratios and is thus inaccurate. Rule of thumb is 15% body fat for men and 25% for women

When gaining or losing weight you should not exceed plus or minus 20% of your current required calorie intake with a hard limit at 500kcal that also cannot be exceeded

I have one request of my own, I would like to see proteins broken down into each amino acid including daily reommended intake


sorry to break it but this won’t work. BMI is designed for a population, not for the individual.

It won’t take into account you muscle mass to fat percentage on and in you body, witch can make you “oversight” and “fat”.


i would recommend instead a gain weight xxx eat this many calories , witch is better usage wise