Ideas for Foods/Recipes for Any Chewable Form of Soylent? -without too many added cals


I would like to make Soylent into something chewable to have as an alternative for when I feel like munching on something solid. But I want it to be something that is pretty “neutral” in terms of not adding too many extra calories and content, but also something that doesn’t taste completely horrific.
Any ideas?


This has been discussed quite a bit. I made some tasty Soylent “bars” by baking Soylent with just a little added maple syrup and oil. Worked quite well… check this thread out for more thoughts.


hey @vanclute and also @malove2play, seeing that the original thread is a month old now, do you happen to have any updates to the recipes or any new findings?


I still keep running into issues when I try to “upsize” my brownie batches. Something comes out weird every time… very very frustrating. I’m starting to think that I just have to make small batches multiple times in order to get really good brownies.

My best attempt at a non-brownie solid Soylent was very very simple. Here are my notes:

2 Tbls maple syrup
2.5 Tbls canola oil
1/2 cup liquid Soylent

1 cup dry Soylent

mix wet ingredients together
add dry ingredients to wet
mix until consistency is thick but still spreadable
Let stand for one half hour
pour into wax paper-lined pan
refrigerate 4 hours
Microwave on high 5 mins
Let refrigerate overnight
bring to room temp, cut and serve

Forgot to grease the paper before pouring into pan - it got really stuck.  Hard at the edges, soft in the middle.  Quite tasty actually, mild flavor but pleasant.  Nice aftertaste.  A little too soft I think, would be nice if it was more evenly cooked overall.  Maybe a lower temp for longer?  Or maybe conventional oven would be better?

Could probably use a little more dry Soylent, or less liquid.  Maybe reduce the oil slightly.

Most likely it didn’t need to stand a half hour nor be refrigerated before baking. That was just me experimenting. Also like seemingly everything solid-Soylent, they got better as time went on. They were tasty straight away, but they were even better the next day, and the next, etc.


yeah I’m finding the soylent bar to be tricky. things turn out as cake or blondies or cookies, but the perfect “bar” consistency is elusive. I’ve only tried a large batch once and it was pretty bad, even though it was the same recipe scaled up.


Scaling up is exactly the trouble I’m having with my brownies! I can’t figure it out and it’s getting REALLY annoying burning an entire bag of Soylent (plus other ingredients) every time. Costly mistakes to be sure. :frowning:

And yeah… a real bar (I’d love to nail a powerbar consistency…" has eluded me as well. Haven’t even really gotten close. I’ve been considering Soylent rice krispie treats though…


@vanclute, do you happen to know a way to make solid soylent without involving heat? Just curious.


That’s part of why I was thinking of rice krispie treats. As long as the mixture cools/dries enough, I would expect that to be a no-bake way to turn it solid. Of course it’s not pure Soylent anymore, but it wouldn’t require heating.


If someone could make good soylent cereal, I could go 100% soylent in a heartbeat


Soylent-O’s! Dude I’m so there… LOL