Ideas for recipes for Soylent in solid form?


I need some suggestions. I have months worth of Soylent just sitting there on a shelf. It’s of course not so pleasant to drink, my boyfriend can’t just drink his calories otherwise it will give him heartburn, and liquid form doesn’t cure me of my hunger either. I need to make it into a solid form. Please give any suggestions for what helped. And no, pancakes and crepes do not work; they are too thin and watery when I try to make Soylent like those.


Type “cooking” into the search. It will return several threads about cookies, brownies, etc
Bon Appetite. :cookie:


I can bake my DIY in the microwave, not sure how well it will work with your Soylent though.

I add 3 eggs and 1 cup of heavy Whipping Cream, mix it all into a batter, pour into a silicon mold with 4 mini loaf size sections, microwave until done.

I’m using a keto DIY that has a lower powder volume though, so you may need more liquid. No idea how this will taste with Soylent powder, so be sure to report back if you try.


I just used a few tablespoons in pasta sauce to kind of thicken the sauce a bit. It wasn’t half bad, I will probably do this more, I have like 20 bags of powder to use…


Someone on reddit shared a DIY meal bar ‘recipe’ that looks pretty rad.