Idiot Proofing!


Folks, I’m no good with measures and frankly don’t have time to figure this out for myself, so I just need someone to lay this out for me as clearly and concisely as possible:

I have a one week order of Soylent. However, in the TEN MONTHS it’s taken for my order to arrive, I have embarked on a few lifestyle changes that make daily soylent usage, even for only a week, impractical. So, my likely weekly breakdown (until I run out) will be as follows:

M-F: Regular food for breakfast and lunch, Soylent as dinner replacement
S: Regular food all day
N: Soylent for breakfast, lunch, and dinner

I suspect that only for Sunday would I need to prepare a full pitcher. But what proportions should I use for my daily preparation during the week knowing that the mixture will be bad if not consumed within two days? What I want is just a simple, step-by-step, “you need to mix this much of x, with this much of y and z” level tutorial. And that’s it. Any clarity you can provide would be much appreciated.



On your weekdays, I’d just follow the single serving directions included in the packaging. You would be using the meal scoop included in your starter kit.


Boom! Science.