If anyone needs to trade 1.0 Soylent for 1.2


I know there are some who for various reasons can’t handle 1.0 Soylent, but have found 1.2 Soylent to be great. If you are one of those, and wish to trade your 1.0 Soylent for our 1.2 Soylent, I’ll be happy to make that exchange. We had no issue at all with either one so… I figure I may as well try to help out a few folks in the forum who can’t handle 1.0, until there is no more 1.0 out in the wild.

We get 35 bags per month so that’s the limit to how frequently I’d be able to make an exchange.


I was under the impression that 1.0 and 1.2 are almost identical (other than the algae oil and reduced sweetener). Is there more to it than that?


No that’s about it as far as I know, but there are people who can’t at all abide the sweetener in 1.0. Since we’re fine with both… I’m just offering to help anyone else who has 1.0 that they feel they can’t consume, but is OK with 1.2. :slight_smile: