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oh gawd, am I NOT going to be the beta tester to down straight powder… haha

pixie sticks anyone? lol


Interesting thought, though I don’t know if it makes much science-sense or not (I’m definitely no scientist!). For myself, Soylent is usually the only water I consume in any given day and often the only beverage of any kind. That’s not really all that much water and I’ve certainly had that much before in a day and not had any gas issues whatsoever. So just logically anyway, it seems to me that it wouldn’t be connected to the water. But maybe someone more scienc-y than myself can chime in.

As for the bars, I would LOVE to see such a thing made. So far the Soylent cookies & brownies I’ve tried have been amazing, so it definitely works great in solid form.


I’ve only been drinking the water that’s in my Soylent and I already feel dehydrated. I can’t imagine cutting back further on water.


i still like the idea of trying it like a pixie stick…lol…but i do not volunteer… haha


Yeah, this also may be compounded by you having not tried it. Soylent makes me and my girlfriend both VERY thirsty, though it affects her more than me. She even texted me this morning that, in the course of drinking a 16oz mug of Soylent, she’s already on her second 32oz bottle of water.


That’s just wrong. The water we drink does not get split into hydrogen and oxygen; it primarily gets stored and used as water in our bodies. What reasoning do you have to think that 2 liters of water plus a day’s worth of Soylent powder (or whatever the ratio is) would cause any less gas than 2 liters of water plus a day’s worth of Soylent bars? Either way, it’s two liters of water, and everything gets turned to liquid in the mouth and stomach anyway.

There is not a lot of water in Soylent. People living off of Soylent need to supplement with additional water in order to stay hydrated. Don’t be confused by its shake-like appearance; that is not enough water for a human to get by on.

Soylent cookies, brownies, and bars are still a great idea, but for reasons other than separating food and water.

A little off topic, and I’d understand if you ignore this entirely, but “begs the question” is traditionally not the same as “raises the question”. I understand that languages evolve, but I find this phrase to still be unclear and vague.


While oxygen is a gas, that is not how our body uses water. There are reactions used that make (condensation reaction http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Condensation_reaction ) and consume (dehydration reaction http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dehydration_reaction ) water.

Essentially at the ends of chained molecules you will find and OH group and an H, which can react to make water and combine the two molecules. The opposite can happen and H2O can be used to break the molecules apart and leave an H and OH group on their respective molecules. At no point is a gaseous form of oxygen (O2) made in this process.

Of course, there is also an abundance of water in our cells, so not all water is used for reactions. Its used as a solvent for many of the ions, and used to maintain homeostasis (normal equilibrium). Water can be moved in and out of cells, which is one of the causes of hangovers and why Saline Solution is used and not distilled water.

That all depends on how much water you have. Your stomach uses a solution of HCl acid, diluted in water to break down most of what you eat, Hence you need water for digestion. It is possible if you have enough water in your system to not need to drink water when taking in only powdered Soylent, but without empirical evidence, I wouldn’t be able to say how well it would be absorbed into your system.


Ummmm…chemically, this is nonsense. Farts are mostly nitrogen and CO2, very little O2 in them. In addition, the oxygen in water doesn’t break off into O2 (or CO2 for that matter) very easily. Lastly, your body is mostly water by weight, so if water were involved in making the fart gas, there would be plenty in your body even without mixing it with your soylent.

I have no soylent yet, can’t test it to prove that you still get gas from dry soylent, but it would greatly surprise me if it did help.


Thanks for the morning humour!!!


Usually the fiber being broken up by your gut bacterium for the volume, excess sulfur for the smell. In time, as your gut bacterium flourish, the flatulence may lessen, though the smell may be more concentrated, and thus more noticeable. It could also be based off individual lifestyles and genetics.


Hello sir, I think you have an misunderstanding of a few areas of science, digestion, chemestry and common sense… The Oxygen in water doesn’t cause gas… Most of gas we spew from behind is methane or swallowed “gas”… I can’t tell if you were trolling or just never learned those basics in school :confused: i’m sorry if I come across as rude if your not trolling… But water is not the reason


This is clearly going to depend greatly on the person. Soylent has been almost the only liquid I consume most of the time and I’ve been doing great with it. But then I’ve not needed much water my entire life either so… apparently I’m a freak. LOL


Your body is physically incapable of splitting water molecules into hydrogen and oxygen. So using less water would not affect the problem of gas.


[quote=“trat444, post:7, topic:14397, full:true”]It seems to me what essentially amounts to a shake for every meal is going to produce some abdominal and gastric issues with most anybody.
I lived on Ensure Plus as my sole source of nutrition for 2 months, earlier this year, and had no gastric issues. Small, firm movements and no gas. Not just “not much gas” or “gas that didn’t smell,” but literally I didn’t fart for two months.

Just offering this as proof of concept, that it is possible to have a complete nutrition shake for every meal with no gastric disturbances, and the makers of Ensure Plus seem to have perfected the formula. (It’s very high in table sugar though, which is why I’ve ordered Soylent to try as an alternative.)


Wait! Oxygen = gas
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behold… SCIENCE!


Darn, I was going to type a nice scientific response but others beat me to it.
But hey, at least you got the answer!
Drink more, sweat more, be more.


No, the price of Ensure Plus and Soylent is currently very similar.

Ensure Plus from Amazon: $35.96 for a 24-pack. That’s $1.50 per bottle. (It’s more expensive at the grocery store.)

Each bottle has 350 calories (and “complete nutrition”). Drink 6 bottles per day, for 2100 calories for $9.

Soylent is $300 for 28 days’ worth, for 2010 calories for $10.71.

The Ensure Plus comes in different flavors, is pre-mixed and packaged in cute, convenient little bottles, and has enough sugar to choke a horse. Add in the pleasant bowel function, and it’s definitely got its place as a viable sole-source nutrition option. But the high sugar content is very concerning.

Nutritional comparison to ensure etc?

Yup, just had a little discussion about Glucerna in another thread. :smiley: I’ve got a month’s worth of grocery money tied up in my Soylent order, so I cannot try it now, but may try Glucerna after trying Soylent.