If I order today 4/13/14


If I order Soylant today, realistically how long would I have to wait to get my order since so many people have already ordered and have still not received their orders.
I really want to order and have wanted to order for quite sometime. I just don’t want to have to pay for something now that I might not receive for a few months
Thanks for the help


@highlander2100 Figure probably late May, early June. The bigger the order the more priority you’ll get, but ordering this late that’s likely the earliest you can expect.


You’re actually looking at a much longer wait then that:
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**> Order now and receive your Soylent in April/May 2014.  US-only for now, International availability mid-2014.**

If what JulioMiles said about a 4 month delay is true they really need to change the delivery statment on the Soylent main page…


That’s only after we close ordering on the Crowdhoster page (current soylent.me site), orders placed on that site will be shipped by the end of May.


I only ordered 1 weeks worth but I did so a while back now. If I fall in love will I be able to reorder and have it as a constant supply?

Also will my order ship early or late?


they said all reorders would be done right away


Yup, reorders will be given priority and will be shipped immediately.


cool. If its the bees knees Ill order 1 month supplies at a time.

My diy soylent didn’t go well. Horrible taste for me. I hate fake sugar and it was in there real strong. Plus I love tortilla and meseca flour but raw in the mix was bad. I now understand the complications to making this product good.

Now to figure out what to do with 40lbs of whey. lol.


From what I understood of an earlier blog post, 1 week orders will be shipped last, while month+ orders will be shipped first.


What does last mean? 4 more months?


It means that if you ordered only a week now, you would be at the end of the shipping queue, as people who only ordered a week are placed at the end of the queue. People who ordered a month or more are at the front of the shipping queue, and I would guess people with more than one month are the first who will get their orders.