If not Soylent, then what?


I’ve ordered some and don’t have a real handle on when it will get here…It was a months worth to try out.

If you had a choice to get something other than original Soylent, what would you get?

I see the various DIY things out there, but other than that, is there something out there that comes close to original Soylent that I can buy today to tide me over until my order gets here?

I’m itching for something and don’t want to lose interest…thanks


Alot of people are going with this until there Soylent ships. http://www.spacenutrientsstation.com/


I’m working on an imitation-Soylent which has the same macronutrient quantities, and is based on the same carb ingredients (oat flour and maltodextrin). I call it Schmoylent. :stuck_out_tongue: You can place an order here:


I would try any of the stuff on the DIY market place. I tried samples of spaceman blend. Even the “worst” of spaceman was tasty enough to be consumable and the chocolate was pretty darn good. It tasted better than some other tasty healthy stuff I enjoy eating like nakedjuice green machine.


Do you have a 10-12 weeks delivery notice on your site as well?


I ordered a seven-meal sample of the spaceman 100% Food chocolate a few weeks ago, and it came very quickly (helps that I’m in the Bay area). Though a lot of people seem to like it, it isn’t for everyone: I was nervous about mouthfeel (I’m someone who avoids strawberries because I don’t like the seeds), and unfortunately I was right. The “chew as you drink” texture which appeals to some made me gag. I still choked down a few meals. It was filling, but just too hard to get down for me, and left me vaguely nauseated for a while (just from the experience of drinking it, I’m sure, not from anything else). I didn’t really notice the flavor one way or another, though it didn’t read “chocolate” to me.

I saved some packets for when I get a Vitamix. I will blend the hell out of a serving, maybe with some ice, and see if it helps.

When I got my hands on some official Soylent from eBay, on the other hand, I found it perfectly palatable. There’s some graininess to the texture, but it doesn’t trigger my gag reflex at all. Maybe I’ll try Schmoylent while waiting for my Soylent (though it would be nice if there was a less-than-a-full-week sized sample to try first!).


It a 1-2 week notice. :wink:


Nothing else? Geez no wonder Soylent is swamped…

Anyone? Anyone else have a temp solution they can offer me?


@Muggle, yes, me.

Try Schmoylent:

Or if you’re in a hurry, People Chow Plus:


Axcho…That web site is having issues…Broken pics and no clear way to browse/order…


Heh, I haven’t uploaded photos yet - it’s still under construction. :stuck_out_tongue: Ordering works though - to look at your order, just click the shopping cart icon at the top, or go here:


Okay, @axcho, I’ll bite. The recipe looks good enough to give it a try. Sounds like it might have issues with separation since I don’t see any emulsifier, but that’s not a huge deal. Heck, if nothing else, it shouldn’t hurt me to use this soylent for just a few weeks until my Soylent arrives. Treat me right and be sure to give you a glowing review :wink:

FWIW, I’m planning to go 1/2 melted butter 1/2 canola oil as my added fats, unless someone convinces me otherwise.


Yeah, it separates more readily than Soylent, but if you’re using a sealed pitcher or blender bottle it’s no problem to shake it up before you pour. I’m waiting for bulk ingredients to come in so it may take up to two weeks before you get your order. If that’s soon enough, go ahead. :wink:

Curious about your taste preferences - do you prefer a neutral, bland flavor, or a lightly sweetened vanilla (like official Soylent)?


I drink Ensure Plus.


As long as the separation isn’t worse than my homemade DIY. I’ve got some ground flax and chia seeds that settle so quickly I’ve got to stir between every swig. Not ideal.

Two weeks lead time is short enough. Less would make me very happy, of course, but I certainly understand supply issues. I only have a 2-week order coming from Rosa so I expect it’ll take more than 3 weeks before they get to me.

I haven’t tasted official Soylent, so I can’t say for sure on the flavoring, but I would imagine some light vanilla flavor would be good. I’m guessing the vitamin mix probably has a bit of a bitter flavor that might need covering up, same as the official stuff. But feel free to use your best judgement and I’ll trust you. You’re the one with the ingredients in front of you, after all! :slight_smile:


Sounds good. Definitely won’t separate noticeably in the time it takes to drink a glass, but I do need to shake before I pour.

As far as the vitamin mix, I’ve found that it actually doesn’t affect the taste. I’ll figure something out. :wink:


Ok just ordered 2 weeks of the People Chow Premium. Gonna use MCT oil with it and mix it all up in a 2 quart Takeya airtight pitcher.

Hoping the Chow comes with instructions and looking for something good to bring it to work in…After reading the reviews on that Vortex battery powered cup, they mentioned mold 1 too many times for my liking so I’m gonna pass on that and find something else…Don’t think I’ll need a powered cup…Just gonna shake it…


Thanks, got your order, @Muggle! :slight_smile: Definitely comes with instructions. As far as bringing it around with you, the Takeya pitcher or the BlenderBottle Sport Mixer have worked well for me.


Right now I don’t think there are really great alternatives. The DIY stuff is great when it comes to variety, but having done both People Chow and official Soylent the official stuff beats the DIY hands down when it comes to texture, taste and for how well it holds up mixed in the fridge.

And on the manufactured alternatives side, it seems like most products outside of Soylent are going for health fad ingredients rather than building around science.


@Muggle check for more options on DIY-soylent cooperative marketplace.