If you added more soylent to your order before the 25th deadline, click your old confirmation email


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Based on the other thread, i created a new topic for folks who may have missed this. I ordered more on the 24th. Didnt see that i needed to do anything else on the website. I even sent an email asking if everything was good. Did not get a follow up email. After seeing the below post,i clicked a confirmation email from my original order. Low and behold, it was waiting for a response.

*sigh Everyone check up on your order.



My link isn’t working anymore, but I logged into Backerkit a few days ago and noticed the same thing. Do you know if there is anything specific about the link in your email? After completing it still shows me as backer 9,547 and I think we’re passed 22k at this point so I assume everything is working…


Interesting and a little worrying - it’s got the original month as a separate thing on backerkit.

I did get this from the ever helpful Thomas S when I asked about it before final lockdown:


Don’t worry you are all set, so long as they are associated with the same email address soylent will be combining your pledges together for the first batch sent out.

Let me know if I can help with anything else,

Thomas S.
BackerKit Support Friend

Hopefully the late survey results won’t change anything important on the order.


It was a unique link for my email address. Took me right to my page. Mine showed this:
Please make sure all your pledge information is complete:

  $255.00 Pledge Level
    $255.00 Pledge Level


It had two radio buttons. I selected the radio button for the incomplete. Took me to a page to type in my shipping information. Now it says complete for both.
So NOW i have no idea if my 3rd month got added to my original order of 2 months.

Its kind of silly for the confirmation. I entered in my shipping address when i first filled out the form. *Sigh


So pretty much the same “helpfull” email. Oh boy, lets add more confusion to when I will actually get my order.


This tells me that it goes just by actual order date, not backerkit completion.


Backerkit sucks. Thankfully, per an email I got from Julio, “We are transitioning to a different e-commerce site shortly.”