If you ordered after all of the "Backer" or "Pre-order" cutoffs


Do you have any faith that you will see your order by the 12 week point?

I’ll be the first (in this thread) to say, absolutely not.


I’m a backer and I don’t know when the hell I will get my 1 week I ordered in February

They should be careful some legally literate person, or worse yet a lawyer-customer that they burned, doesn’t file a class action suit against soylent. If they don’t change their policy on updates/ holding money indefinitely it will be a violation of FTC regulations and would be a prime target… If anyone were so inclined


I don’t particularly expect to see my order by the 12-week point. If I don’t get it by the time I use up the Soylent I bought from a backer, I’ll probably go to @axcho’s Schmoylent to fill in.

I do hope folks give them a chance to scale up. Soylent’s good stuff.


I ran into similar situations with Butterfly Labs not shipping their Bitcoin Mining machines for a year+ after the order date. While there is a bit of grey area regarding offering refunds/getting consent, as long as they are allowing anyone who wants a refund to cancel their order and get their money back, they are on the better side of those FTC rules.

Edited because the wording sounded bad when I reread it.


They’re probably safe legally because they’re doing the right thing & issuing refunds to anyone who asks. I think the most sensible thing to do is wait until they’re able to ship orders promptly, then order. DIY is more than sufficient in the meantime, and I only want to order one week anyway to see how it compares to DIY before making any further decisions.


I ordered one week in early June, so a regular customer after the crowdfunding and pre-orders. I don’t necessarily feel that I’ll get my order by the 12th week. However, it wasn’t a lot of money for me and I have been keeping myself busy trying it out with a week I bought on Ebay, and now @axcho has sold me some Schmoylent, so I get to see what I like and don’t like. Maybe I’m more laid back than the average person (having started and run my own companies etc) but I’m ok with the wait. I haven’t lost faith that it will come in good time.


you also didn’t pay for something over a year ago, only to see others pay 8+ months after you getting their product first. i mean, i do agree with you, but when you’ve been waiting since may 2013… it’s kind of a joke.


I understand what you’re saying, and your viewpoint is completely different from mine. I just thought this thread was trying to get a sense from recent customers about whether they had any confidence in the 10-12wk estimate when I placed my order. I can’t say that I would be as laid back if I were in your shoes and were looking at this from your view. Its possible though :slight_smile: I’m pretty laid back.


I don’t see it as impossible by any means, however I’m in the same situation as soylentnoight is in, in the sense that I really am not in much of a rush.
Sure, I want to try it for many reasons, but those reasons aren’t urgent. They aren’t about trying it first, or trying the original batch, or whatever other reasons one may have aside from just wanting their Soylent.
As long as I get it in the next few months I’ll be fine with it, even though it should be arriving in about a month according to the prediction.

I’ve been waiting since mid-late 2013 to early, so not quite as long as others, and then of course I didn’t order till a bit over a month ago.
The main reason why I want to try Soylent though is if I decide to move out into the true middle of nowhere as well as I really am not too fond of eating real food all the time. There’s nothing that I really require Soylent for in this moment is all I’m saying, and that could be one reason why that I don’t mind if they can’t even deliver my shipment till very late 2014.

tl;dr - I feel as if it IS possible, and that I may get it around that time, however I am not expecting it by all means. If it takes another month or two to get to me, while that’s not ideal, I really don’t mind that much.


I ordered on 10/3/2013. I’m cancelling and am going to push for others to cancel also. I don’t want to see this company prosper. Especially with how they have done us 1 weekers.


Well all righty then.


I think there will be a slight delay in my new subscription of a month order in 5/13/14. Which kind of sucks because my boyfriend also ordered one month on the same date and we will need to cancel his due to financial problems ;[ or else we would be fine waiting.

I am, however still hopeful they will be able to meet the 10-12 weeks!


Not worried, will wait forever to get my soylent.


I’m shocked…shocked I tell you.


Just got email saying my week order will be delayed another 10 weeks because of that fix. Oh well.