If you want to safely lose weight for less than $50 per month


Here you go.

As always, read the notes first and don’t forget to get this-


The manganese looks a little high. That’s one to be very cautious about.


Something I think the DIY website should be more clear about is that any red columns means you are likely SLOWLY POISONING YOURSELF.

Going over your ULs with normal food isn’t so bad because you’re usually not eating the same thing over and over again; soylent by its nature is eaten regulary.

Consume recipes with red in them at your own peril.


We’ve been through this already, Manganese’s absorption is lessened with whole grains and iron, the actual value is much less than 11.
Also, Niacin is slightly reduced due to the baking process and higher than normal doses reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease, cataracts, atherosclerosis, osteoarthritis, heart attacks and type 1 diabetes.


I like this idea a lot. Could you provide a rough idea of what preparation would be required?


When you buy the Panasonic SD2502 and browse the manual a bit you will see that it is very simple, there are also youtube videos showing this.
All that is really required of you is precise measurement of ingredients to put in the machine, I use grams in these recipes but you can eventually be precise enough to use teaspoon, tablespoon and this measurement(ml=g)-

After you leave the baking overnight and it’s finished(there is a timer and it beeps when it’s done), you then cut the bread in half, one half for each day. Slice it, put the sliced eggs, mayo and tofu(still not sure what kind, there are many options here) on it so you basically get a couple of fully nutritious sandwiches per day including the centrum pill.

From all the articles I’ve read on weight loss this is extremely balanced(carbs, fats, proteins) and healthy while still losing weight at the same time.

After you lose enough weight the effort to tweak the calorie intake would be very minimal.


Oh. I thought you were adding the eggs and mayo to the bread, thanks for clarifying.

FYI, eggs have biotin in them (http://www.livestrong.com/article/519494-biotin-and-eggs/) and the light mayonnaise sold in the states has much less nutrition. I would need another vitamin k source.


I found a new website with more complete nutrition data so I made some changes.