If you're legitimately on Opioids for an extended period due to a medical reason, this would be an ideal time to be on Soylent for weight loss

Hi everyone; first time poster.

I apologize in advance if the following is controversial in any way. I figure I’d post the following as Soylent is looking for “hacks” involving the usage of their products; particularly nootropics and other substances, but of course the following involves the usage of opioids to make long term use of drinking Soylent over and over for the ultimate goal of weight loss much more bearable. There was nothing in the search feature involving opioids which another reason why I want to start this thread. To be absolutely clear, I would never endorse something extremely irresponsible and highly unethical of getting opioids INITIALLY (not if you’re already taking them for a different, legitimate medical reason) from a doctor for the sole purpose of making the weight loss process and drinking something over and over again more bearable, even though I can imagine they clearly do for the obvious reasons that just happen to be coincidental for the initial, much more legitimate purposes of taking opioids in the first place of which I’ll explain soon.

Before I go on further and want to avoid confusion so that people don’t hastily give me a hard time, let me mention that I am a legitimate patient of pain management involving long term opioid therapy. My condition of which I will not disclose has been consistently causing me chronic pain that is usually of 5-7 (at times peaks to 8) out of 10 which is horrible to live with, so I am very thankful to be on opioid therapy as the euphoria caused by it has both given me pain relief and a better quality of life as no one deserves to suffer in chronic pain (the health care crisis in this country is another topic to discuss in the future but I’ll speak of another crisis we’re dealing with soon). In addition, I am technically obese which of course is detrimental to my health and could possibly be a contributor to my chronic pain; both by sheer physical weight and by the inflammation caused by all the fat & other junk I put into my body. Therefore, this is an ideal time for me to start on Soylent as I plan on using it until I reach an ideal weight by controlling my caloric intake; not for the other reasons why people want to be on Soylent such as not having time to cook or even only wanting something easy to prepare & consume for nutrition as they just happen to not be interested in food.

With all of that being said, I have to say that I’m in a fortunate position to make the process of weight loss way more bearable as opioids activate the reward pathways of the brain making the process of eating the same, possibly unpalatable thing over and over. Because the reward pathways are activated by the opioids, the urge to want to eat (especially exacerbated by stress which causes a lot of people to overeat and to eat unhealthy foods) is greatly diminished which will certainly help with the weight loss process, along with the reward pathways activated so one doesn’t need to fulfill nor have as much urges to eat something different and palatable. Look, I might end up liking the flavor but of course eating the same thing consistently for a long period of time is possibly detrimental to one’s mental health as one of life’s pleasures is to eat different delicious foods which is certainly extremely crucial to one’s mental and psychiatric health. I’d imagine we’ve evolved to want to eat different things in order to acquire different nutrients essential to one’s long term survival and health. I apologize if it comes of as me trashing Soylent. Of course, it’s a great and a revolutionary product for the purposes of having something readily accessible, healthy and low in calories. But let’s be real: certainly drinking something over and over is a legitimate concern for people using Soylent for the purposes of weight loss while receiving adequate daily nutrition as it would cause them to break their consistent effort while derailing them of their weight loss goals. As from my impression that Soylent is complete in the essential nutrition needed by the body, it solves that issue of wanting to eat different things for the sole purpose of having all of the essential nutrients. But with that being said, we’ve evolved to want to eat different things even if the nutrient requirement is satisfied which is why if you happen to be in long-term opioid therapy; COINCIDENTALLY, that would be an ideal time to start one’s weight loss with Soylent. Not only would the weight loss be essential to one’s health and self-esteem, but it could also relieve the need of further being on opioid medication of which we know has highly not necessarily addictive (there is a different between addiction, dependency and abuse BTW) but rather has a high chance for abuse and dependency for people genetically (both having substance abuse disorders and/or psychiatric illnesses) & environmentally (being in an abusive environment) prone to them.

Once again, I would NEVER support nor encourage people to get opioids to make the process of drinking Soylent everyday and for all meals bearable. We have an opioid crisis in this country as 12 million people are not only abusing opioids to get high, but they don’t have a medical condition that requires them to take it in the first place. Along for the more obvious reasons why people shoudn’t take opioids for that reason or the other reason solely to make weight loss more bearable (IF YOU DON’T HAVE A MEDICAL CONDITION) such as respiratory depression caused by either taking too much painkillers, their interaction with other substances such as alcohol (for the love of God, do not mix alcohol with opioids as there are people not only mixing them with pills, but they’re drinking alcohol/ethanol with “Lean” (Codeine cough syrup diluted in lemon-lime soda)), but it could cause people to activate their predisposed abusive tendencies, having them to be dependent thus having the need to acquire pills let alone heroin on the street in order to avoid withdrawal (believe me as I’ve been there as I’m only referring to the withdrawal part, not acquiring drugs on the street: OPIOID WITHDRAWAL IS EXTREMELY AWFUL), and finally having them acquire full blown addictions. There are a lot of young people (actual “drug seekers”) who lie and deceive doctors to acquire opioids to feed their wanting to get high (abuse), dependency (to avoid withdrawal caused by their abuse), and full-blown addictions where they cannot control when and how much they take it as they take a gross amount during inappropriate times such as being behind the wheel. This of course is extremely frustrating for not just me but also other pain patients because since we need opioids to control our pain and to maintain our quality of life, this means there are less opioids for those that truly need them in order to relieve pain. In addition and especially as I’m a young guy myself, we not only have to go through much more loopholes and exhaustive questioning & scrutiny, but we have to deal with unjust stigma of us requesting specifically opioids as doctors are now on the edge as their licenses are on watch by the DEA as there are many young, morally-deplorable individuals not feeling any remorse for both the doctors and the many pain patients in need while they’re duping/conning their way to score drugs.

Sorry for the caps and the rant in the previous paragraph, but I had to further convey to you all that I am not in anyway wanting people to get opioids for the sole purpose of making weight loss bearable. Also, I have to make sure that you all understand that as pain patients, we happen to be on opioids as it just happens to make weight loss on Soylent conveniently easier. In addition, I also want to reach out to those on opioids for legitimate medical reasons that that’s an ideal time to lose weight on Soylent because of the euphoria making drinking the same thing over and over much more bearable as it is highly essential of us to lose weight in order to both strengthen our health and to better manage our pain. Thank you.

So, you are suggesting we get on opioids to help with weight loss?


Whoa Whoa! That’s what I was warning against over and over throughout my post as I have worried that people would come straight to that “conclusion”. Because of that, of course I’ve mentioned so many times that if you don’t have a legitimate medical reason for opioids such as chronic pain, that I would not support people getting opioids for the sole purpose of making weight loss more bearable.

It just so happens that legitimate pain patients that are already on opioids have an advantage of already being on them which makes drinking Soylent for a long period of time throughout all day much more bearable along with having an asset that allows them to stick on their Soylent regiment; not the other way around of people getting opioids for the sole purpose of weight loss that I’ve mentioned so many times against.

I was joking.  


Oh, gotcha. Glad you clarified :slight_smile:

I suspect Ric was curious whether he could provoke another wall of words like the first one!

To your credit, he didn’t. I didn’t read it, since I’m not legitimately on opiods and don’t have an illegitimate source, unfortunately.


If you are not opposed to preparing your own meals may I suggest checking out some DIY recipes. I bring this up because Soylent isn’t designed for weight loss even though you most certainly can use it that way if you want. DIY will give you much finer control over your caloric intake and you can more easily meet your protein requirements.

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