I'm A Bit Confused About Serving Size


I’m about to start on Soylent and I’m trying to enter in the nutritional information for the purposes of food logging and blood sugar readings but I’m kind of confused by the packet serving size of 148g …

What exactly is one serving of Soylent? That is how many ounces am I drinking? There’s 84g of carbs in only 5oz? Is that correct or am I really not reading this properly?

I’m about to drink a 12 ounce glass for breakfast but I’m confused as to how many carbs I will be consuming in that glass based on the serving size.


The packet serving size is for the dry powder. At one point Rob said that soylent was 1000 calories per liter (which makes sense if a 2L pitcher contains 2050 calories). So you could convert from that point.

Also I believe two scoops of powder is supposed to be 148g/1 serving. So if you mixed it per meal, it would be two scoops of powder, at least 3 scoops of water and 1/3rd of the oil for one serving. Since the water is at your discretion, measuring by fluid ounces could be difficult unless you standardize.


@TegidTathal I made an entire pouch (day) worth in the pitcher and just poured out 12 oz. So it was 1 bag, 1 liter of water, 1 bottle of oil per the instructions, blended and then poured into the pitcher.


Most people ignore the instructions and fill the pitcher (because the think that tastes better and it is easier than measuring). In either case, 1L of water is just about 34oz. So I’d guess that 12oz is less than 1/3rd of the pitcher when the dry powder is added to the volume. But not by a ton. So yes, in the ballpark of 84g of carbs. (but almost certainly slightly less.


I was under the impression that the 148g Serving Size was referring to 2 scoops of powder (i.e. 1 meal) …


I’m even more confused now that they have changed the original PDF

On the PDF it says servings per container 21 …
On my pouch it says servings per pouch 3 …


The PDF is for the weekly box. 7 days of 3 servings per day.


Yep I figured that :slight_smile: Math is not my strong point :slight_smile:


I’m still massively confused. I’ve tried to work it out a couple of times but I’d appreciate your help. Here’s the deal, I’m looking to have 75% of a day’s worth so that it equals 1500 calories. My girlfriend is going to be having 60% or 1200 calories.

How much powder, oil and water do I need to make a 1500 and 1200 calorie day?

I think the powder and oil are easy to work out since it’s just 75 and 60% of the total package size, but the water I’m seeing various different reports, even from @JulioMiles so it’s difficult to work out, I think I need around 900-950ml of water for me?


As long as you find the thickness and texture to your liking, the amount of water you add is entirely up to you.

We generally recommend a ratio of around 1 part Soylent to 1.5-2 parts water.


Haha you know all us perfectionists need to be told exactly how much to measure and have it exact to the mL. :slight_smile: But seriously, I like that you’re giving a broad range now. Most people take recipes to be exact, and need to be told directly when there’s actually a lot of acceptable leeway in the recipe.

With a lot of foods, you can screw it up completely if you don’t measure everything right. Fortunately Soylent is not like that.


For a pitcher prepared with water to the top, the “single serving” size is 22 oz. data is available per oz in the myfitnesspal database with oil and without. Just make sure you select the one that says “prepared to fill pitcher”