I'm a complete genius


I think I have this soylent thing figured out

yup, soylent instead of milk. you can thank me later.


Wow. That might just be genius. Not for us “true” Soylenteers, of course. We like drinking our meals.

Now maybe you could find a cereal with the missing sodium? :slight_smile:


Have you tried it with cookie crisp or some other cereal that negates Soylent’s nutritional contributions? They taste the best.


Wow. I’ll keep that in mind if I run out of milk for cereal, not that I eat cereal often at all (or use milk in general…). :slight_smile:


I totally had that thought but wasn’t brave enough to try it. How does it compare to milk? Cereal has always been a staple of my diet so I’m leery to do anything “weird” to it… but this is kinda tempting!


it’s pretty weird and gross haha, but i had to try it


@malove2play, does this come close? [quote=“malove2play, post:9, topic:18671, full:true”]
If someone could make good soylent cereal, I could go 100% soylent in a heartbeat


I think you could formulate a good DIY around Total.


Soylent Flakes. I’m in.


When I have more than a few Soylent meals in a row, I kind of want something other than cold liquid. I want something hot and sort of solid. If I could have “oatmeal” that would be perfect.



gotta say, I tried this once, and I thought it was really awful


I’ve had the same thought… others have talked about making a sort of Soylent porridge, but that’s not the same as oatmeal and sounds unappetizing to me. If I could use Soylent instead of water to make my maple & brown sugar oatmeal though, I would… just not sure it would do well being heated that much.


Oh, I’m not talking about using the current Soylent as a base at all. I tried that with 100%Food, by the way, and wound up just throwing the pot and contents away because it was a gummy uncleanable mess. (I’m also a lousy cook which might have had something to do with it). I bet Soylent would be even worse.

I’m thinking more of an independent product way down the line. In fact, once the concept of an unsugared total meal takes hold I can see a variety of products developed in the way that people are creating crackers and breads, etc.



I would love some kind of “protein bar” that was on par with Soylent (meaning 100% nutrition and reasonable price). I’m not sure if I would switch to that or stay with liquid diet. It would definitely be better on the road, etc.


Uber Cookies ain’t bad.


Yeah Soylent bakes fairly well for those who are up for it - though I still haven’t found a not-super-messy way to make cookies. I’d love a bar form, a flake cereal, or crackers that I could then spread Soylent peanut butter on. :slight_smile:


I’ve never tried it with genuine Soylent, but my DIY Soylent (which is a little higher in oat flour) makes excellent spoon bread.

I use a cinnamon-flavored DIY, mixed with a hair less water to make it thick, in a big coffee mug. Microwave for a minute (more if it’s cold from the fridge) and then stir with a spoon. Microwave for another minute, and it’s turning solid, with parts going bread-like. It’s delicious like that; warm, hearty, and satisfying. (If you over-nuke it, it turns too hard and bready to enjoy spoon-eating.)

I’d love for someone to try this with proper Soylent, to see if it works well.


Just tried the “spoon bread” with the latest Soylent, 1.3 - and it was a flop.

Might as well call it “thick boiling Soylent in a super hot mug”.

How it happened:
Mine was refrigerated but I forgot to cook it for longer than a minute for the first zap.

Stirred, put it back in for a minute… thick hot Soylent. Another 30sec… thicker hotter Soylent. Repeated this about 3 times, each time the mug is hotter and the Soylent is “boiling” but nothing resembling bread each time I stirred - just smooth Soylent gravy.

Gave up and left it on the counter for an hour or two, came back and there was a thicker layer on top but still warm goo underneath.

Tasted like concentrated Soylent, which wasn’t so great - and the fact that it was 4 x thicker than usual, and still warm… I couldn’t eat it so down the sink it went. :disappointed:



Thanks for trying, though.