I'm a return customer whom ordered on 12/13/14


I’m a return customer whom ordered on 12/13/14, it is now 1/24/2015 and i haven’t received any responses let alone my soylent order.

Ive re-ordered before and everything was fine… i can’t seem to get in touch with anyone via email…

Order confirmation for order #43378 **

Please let me know what to do next.



A good portion seems to be having the same issues, including myself.

They did E-Mail all customers about how their production will increase by 50x and how response times to inquiries will lessen.

I deal with it because 1) I really like the product 2) I would like to see the product and business succeed 3) Hoping it get’s cheaper in the future ($150 a month rather than $250).


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You did the right thing by posting here. But “whom” is wrong in the header. Way wrong.