I'm Allergic To Everything!


A little background: I already know I’m allergic to most pollens/animals and some foods including tree nuts, crab, and lobster.

Well, after months of ever-worsening acid reflux, I finally went to the doctor last week to get my blood tested and she also put me on a 2-week elimination diet to help detect any food intolerances.

I am apparently outright allergic to LOTS of food. Most notable examples from worst to not as bad: Gluten, Chicken, Egg Whites, Beef. That’s basically what my entire diet has consisted of for most of my life.

On the plus side, I’ve lost 6.5 pounds so far on the elimination diet. As soon as it’s over I will be testing soy and lactose to see how much I can handle of each intolerance-wise.

I only ordered a week’s supply of Soylent back in February and I wish I didn’t have to wait 2 more months to see it. I didn’t want to get a large amount in case I didn’t take well to it. Working around all my newfound allergies and intolerances is crazy expensive and a nightmare to find safe foods for!


You could try one of the diy soylents over at www.powderedfoods.com while your waiting for your Soylent , but I recommend researching which one to try before you buy anything :slight_smile: it should be cheaper than alternatives… Without having tried any of them myself… I can recommend marions chow based on others reviews or schmoylent


I’ll second the DIY recommendation, and can personal vouch that I enjoy Marion Chow. I’ll add that you can look up the ingredients for anything @axcho sells, as well as lots of other DIY variants at diy.soylent.me, which should help you figure out which DIYs have components that you’re allergic to. I’ll also add that @axcho has done a ton of custom blends, so if you don’t see exactly what you’re looking for, he can probably help you more than most. (And I can personally attest that he’s much, much faster and much, much more communicative in comparison to an unnamed, but larger and more dominant competitor. :wink: )


Thanks @biab. :slight_smile: Yes, I do sell a lot of different DIY recipes, but not only that, I’ve also been Allergic to Everything ™ for most of my life too! :stuck_out_tongue: Nuts, beans, crab, eggs, dairy, gluten, beef, and so on. I’ve grown out of a few of those in the last few years after more than a decade of abstinence, but I know the feeling. :wink:

So… For you I’d recommend either something in the hypoallergenic Clean Fuel line, or Schmoylent Clean. Let me know if you have any questions!


That’s really bad. What can you eat?


I’m still waiting to see the full bloodwork printouts (mailed to me). Thankfully there’s several foods that are still okay, including fish. And egg whites and beef are at least in the borderline section which means they may be safe to have as long as it’s not very frequent. But gluten and chicken are right out. No word on turkey, they are asking for clarification on that. Apparently one can have a chicken allergy but not a turkey allergy.


@axcho Thanks! Schmoylent Clean seems like my best bet. However, would it be possible to get it with either coconut palm sugar or no sugar instead of Stevia? I’ve had Stevia before and it didn’t sit right with me. And do you take Bitcoin by any chance? That was another reason I was drawn to Soylent.


I once met someone who was allergic to the sun. That was weird.


Yeah, and there’s a rare few people allergic to water… bizarre stuff.


My girlfriend is actually allergic to the sun. We believe it is because of porphyria, but we have yet to confirm this.


I don’t take Bitcoin (unless you know of a free WooCommerce plugin for Bitcoin payment…) but an unsweetened Schmoylent Clean is certainly within the realm of possibility. You can contact me through my website if you’d like to proceed despite the lack of Bitcoin support. :wink:


Alright, I’ll keep you in mind. :smile:

I just got the full pdf of blood results and it’s not quite as bad as the doctor made it out to be. These are the ones that rank the worst: crustaceans, tree nuts, chicken, and gluten are the things to avoid. I already avoid the first two, and I was already thinking of switching from turkey anyways. I’ll find out in a month if I’m also allergic to turkey.


Okay, good luck. These days it’s not hard to go gluten-free. :wink:


Oh, and I did find a Bitpay plugin, I emailed you a link. :wink:


As soon as I wake up, sun or not, I am overheating and sweating. Put me in nature and it is ten times worse.


Soylent is great because it lacks so many common food allergies. The only thing it has which can be an issue is fish oil. Even with my shellfish allergy, I have zero problems.