I'm an avid cyclist - how do I add calories and protein properly?

Hi Everyone,

I’m new to Soylent, starting with 2.0. My goal from the beginning was to do 400Kcal for breakfast, eat a normal meal for lunch, and on most days do 800Kcal for dinners, unless I go out.

However, my journey started the day after I trained for and completed a 100 mile bicycle ride. The past three weeks I haven’t been as active, but I am gearing up for another 58 mile ride at the end of this month.

Here’s the thing: I’m 6’4", 250 pounds. Yes, I could stand to shed about 20 pounds, but if I am out on my bicycle for 2-3 hours I tend to burn quite a few calories. The computers and apps I use probably over estimate, so let’s just say it’s about 500Kcal for every 10 miles.

My problem is this: I know that the Soylent will give me most of the daily nutrients I need, but it won’t give me extra protein nor will it give me enough calories. And I don’t just want to drink 3 more Soylents in a day for a lot of reasons.

How do I effectively add calories and protein? Protein shakes typically contain all kinds of micronutrients.

For the extra calories: Is it as simple as eating things like Cliff Bars, Bonk Breakers, or just pasta?

For the extra protein: Is it as simple as eating something like a chicken breast, a fish filet, etc.?

I’m enjoying my experiment with Soylent so far and want to continue, but I will need to supplement it when I get into training mode.

Thanks in advance for reading and sharing any thoughts.

Personally I am consuming about 90g per day extra protein in the form of chicken breast. I use Soylent for 100% of my regular food most of the time so I am using a full bag per day. I also add 30g protein in the form of a Whey Protein Isolate powder into the mix before I add water. It is chocolate flavor so I find it adds a pleasant taste. All of this combined (v1.5 Soylent) gives me about 200g protein per day.

I am 6’3" ~285lbs so my calorie restricted target is somewhere around 2500 cal/day for weight loss. I don’t know what you should do for the extra calories. It has been suggested that you should not use Soylent for them, but I still am not clear on whether or not micro requirements scale with body size.


That guy (a runner) mixed peanut butter in with his soylent with good success.
He also simply drank extra soylent.

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Yes, the drinking extra Soylent was what I was looking at doing when I got to my goal weight, but there have been some pretty lengthy discussions on this board about the problem with assuming that micros scale with calorie intake. You remember/have an opinion on that?

Cost-wise, it might not be a good idea to use Soylent for the extra calories, if the micros do not scale, but if they do, Soylent is still a good option because of its completness. I don’t have to worry about this too much as I have at least 45 lbs to lose and am losing it slowly (gaining muscle right now apparently). @etschrad needs to know much sooner, however.

Micros scale when you eat regular food, so why not with Soylent?

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Thanks for the replies.

Peanut butter is an interesting option. Funny enough, I’ve had a big spoonful between the two Soylents at night more than once. It was mostly a craving.

It’s interesting to see a lack suggestions for adding complex carbs. I’ll stay tuned.


I’m no nutrition expert, but I have a product recommendation that’s the best thing since sliced bread…
Oh wait. It is sliced bread.