I'm at a crossroads


Been here before but things have gotten worse.

Love the idea around complete(ish) and balanced (mostly) grab and go nutrition in a nicely chilled bottle.

Been on Soylent in a lot of its forms over the years and really really like the idea of eating better with less cleanup and prep, but can’t find a version/formulation of the stuff that keeps me full and doesnt give me simular symptoms to being lactose intolerant.

Gone back to a lot of my old habits and like clockwork, miss ma soylent.

So do I either give it another go? Try something else(what)? Or just be happy and wait until something else comes along?

That’s more like a 3 way vs cross roads but I’m really fed up and impatient.

Rant over.


If Soylent gives you queasiness, vomiting, or diarrhea (I assume that’s what you mean by “symptoms to being lactose intolerant”), but like the idea of it, I’d try a competitor. Huel is a popular one, there are a couple more. Hopefully the ingredient that disagrees with you is missing in at least one of other food replacement drinks.


Yep. Mostly just bad gas.

What are your opinions on something comparable?

I really like superbodyfuel, but it requires milk or added oil.

I’m looking for something as no muss no fuss as possible


I’ve only tried Soylent and Huel. I liked some aspects of Huel, but it had a strong stevia flavor to it, which I can’t stand, so I stayed with Soylent.

The lactose intolerant people I know don’t get gas when they drink milk. It’s much worse than that!


Honestly, “mostly just bad gas” is what keeps my honey and I warm during these frigid winters :blush:

But if you’re able to find the offending ingredient, you might find the eatcomplete.co or blendrunner.com sites helpful for finding a good alternative, at least for seeing what else is out there; neither site lets you search via ingredient exclusion (as far as I’m aware), unfortunately.


So,. Meal replacement brands that deliver to the US:

  1. Plenny Shake from Jimmyjoy. The cheapest alternative out there, after SuperBodyFuel. It contains soy. It is also more rich in carbohydrates than Soylent. 55C/15P/30F and comes in 6 flavours: vanilla, banana, chocolate, strawberry, mango and Neutral. $1.43/400kcal meal (without subscription).
    Jimmyjoy will also make Plenny Drink (RTD)available in the US around the second week of november and I suspect the price will be around $3.

  2. Saturo. It is the Austrian RTD brand that has done very well in Europe and arrived to the US in the end of september. However, currently it is not only more expensive than Soylent Drink, but it is also basically the same nutritionally. Perhaps worth looking when they expand their flavour range.

  3. Huel. One of the most popular (if not the most) meal replacements in the world. in the US they only offer the powder. The powder is gritty and it is available in Vanilla (quite sweet) and Unsweetened& Unflavoured options. Each 400kcal meal will cost you $1.89/400kcal (without subscription). Nutritionally, Huel is quite different from Soylent, 40C/30P/30F, and it does not contain soy for instance.

  4. Queal. You will have to pay $25 for the shipping but their products will still be cheap. Unlike the rest, Queal’s products are not vegan (unless you go for the vegan option). A queal Standard meal of 400kcal will cost you around $1.90 and you will have up to 8 flavours to choose from.

  5. Pulve. Another EU based brand pretty similar to Huel, but that has some different ingredients. They only offer one flavour Vanilla, which is quite sweet. they offer free shipping after 72 meals.

  6. Ambronite. Ambronite is the most expensive of them all. The starting price is $6.66/400kcal. It is created from real foods (nuts and berries mainly) only and contains no artificial additives. It is also organic and non-gmo.

US based:
7. Ample. It is very similar to Ambronite in terms of phillosophy. No additives, non-gmo, organic, and with real ingredients. It also contains tons of probiotics. However, similarly to Ambronite, it is expensive. It comes in pre-bottled powder of 400kcal ($6.5) and 600kcal ($8) .

  1. Grubsub. It is a small American brand of which I do not know much.

CAN based brands:
9. biolent. It has a athlete, normal and keto version. Price starts from $2.36/400kcal.
10. Tudo. Price starts from $3.19/400kcal
11, Holfood. Only offers one product in Vanilla and chocolate flavours. Price starts at $2.96/400kcal.
12. Athlete Shake. It has both powder ($4/400kcal) and pre-bottle powder options ($4.8).

Sorry, I got lazy by the end. I have covered most of them in my website if you want to check it out and also a comprehensive list of US available meal replacements (ordered by price) can be found here:https://latestfuels.com/meal-replacement-market-us/
More meal replacement companies: https://latestfuels.com/resources/meal-replacement-list/

If you are interested about any on particular I could help you, perhaps.

Shit luck Soylent is not working for you.


Sorry, if I am saying the obvious but have you been drinking enough water with Soylent? I got headaches and gas from Soylent until I started drinking about two glasses of water along with one bottle of Soylent 2.0. I take a gulp of Soylent and then one or two gulps of water, repeat. Since I am usually eating a meal with someone else, I draw out the process as long as I can until they finish their meal. Okay, that defeats the purpose of “eat and run” but I don’t think the body’s digestive system can work like that.


Thanks everyone!..


Very interesting. I have no issues with Soylent at all, but my other half has extreme problems with “bad gas” (the stomach/cramps kind, not the farting kind) only and specifically when she drinks Soylent after about 5PM. NEVER any time of the day before that, and about maybe 80% of the time when it’s past 5PM. This is a real bummer because she often wakes up really hungry and a swig or two of Soylent after bedtime is perfect, if only it wouldn’t trigger whatever this gas issue is.

I hadn’t considered additional water. Frankly I’m terrible about remembering to drink water, and she actually drinks lots so I wouldn’t have thought that could be related, but I think she drinks a lot less at night so I’ll certainly mention it to her in case it helps. Hope you’re able to find a solution that works for you!


I go back and forth between Huel and Soylent. Also find the vanilla sweetened Huel to be too sweet. They have an unsweetened version to. Mixing 50% sweetened and unsweetened Huel fixes that problem.


It probably won’t fix the issue, but good probiotics have made a strong, positive impact on my digestive issues. I use the Equilibrium brand that came on the forums in the early years and it’s made a noticeable impact for me.