I'm eating Soylent cookies right now


Made a video of our first taste of Soylent peanut butter & chocolate chip cookies…

And I’m currently chasing them with a frosty thermos of Soylent. Somehow, this seems very circular… LOL


Care to share the recipe?


It’s not mine to share but think the originator will probably do so… I shall encourage it! :slight_smile:



YAY, would love the recipe as well


How did you manage to get the recipe from said forumer?!

HAS IT BEEN PERFECTED? :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


We were sent a batch of cookies to taste test and give feedback on. They are really really good, though I wouldn’t quite say perfect. I think there is room to try and make them a little crispier. Right now they are a touch “cakey”. Still delicious and super satisfying though!


As a person who was born a baker I am intrigued. I have a feeling I will be incorporating Soylent into all kinds of baked good.

For science!


So jealous…



I have no idea why, but it reminds me of Homer:


OK, here’s the recipe straight from Soylent’s very own resident mom… @leecauble1! =)

Soylent cookies - they are delicious!


Thanks @leecauble1! That’s awesome!


I’ll be having cookies & Soylent for breakfast in the morning… man what a way to start the day!!! Oh and maybe lunch. Oh yeah and dinner. MMMmmmmmm…


Thanks @leecauble1 I bookmarked this and plan on making some! Also thanks @Vanclute for the video review.

Any thoughts on changes to the recipe for the next batch? What do you think of doing making recipe without chocolate chips would it still be fine?


No chocolate chips no problem. As @vanclute suggested a little thinner


My boyfriend hates peanut butter. Is it required in the recipe? Can it be replaced with something else?


If you remove the peanut butter you will need to replace. Try 3/4cup of butter. You’ll get something like a sugar cookie I think . Be sure to let us know how it goes.


Going to try it out this weekend, will definitely let you know! Thanks for the recipe!!!


Hey @leecauble1 am I supposed to add the oil blend in this recipe? I didn’t see it mentioned and didn’t realize until just now when I’m mixing it all together! Let me know, thanks!

EDIT - You did write to use that instead of vegetable oil but I somehow missed it. And I already added the vegetable oil. Damnit! Now i have an extra oil blend bottle. What to do with that…


Guess you’ll just have to make another batch of cookies! =)


YUP! So, it’s almost 10pm here and I just finished cleaning up. I split the recipe in half and mixed half with peanut butter and the other half with regular butter. I’m letting it chill in the fridge overnight and tomorrow morning I’ll split each of them in half again and add chocolate chips to one of each type. Assuming everything goes according to plan… I’ll have 4 types. Peanut butter, peanut butter w/ chocolate chips, sugar, and sugar w/ chocolate chips. I should have taken pics of the process but it was too messy and my roommate wasn’t home to help, ha. I’ll take pics of the dough before cooking and after they’re done.