I'm eating Soylent cookies right now


Can’t wait to hear how they turn out. :smile_cat:


Oh boy those sound SOOOO good…


FOR SCIENCE! Can’t wait to hear how they all turn out.

Now we need a variation with walnuts in addition to, not in lieu of chocolate chips. You’ll pry my chocolate chips from my cold dead fingers. :slight_smile:

Macadamia nuts and white chocolate might be good too. And Oatmeal chocolate chip.

There’s a reason my nickname as a little kid was “Cookie Monster”…


Question. Cause I’m seeking knowledge about this marvel. Okay. So how many cookies is a meal? Or are they snacks? Do you worry about exceeding your -wait- wouldn’t adding ingredients to this mix mean your daily food numbers potentially be excessive caloric or nutritionally? ::sigh:: I’m not good at nutrition.
Doesn’t putting the mix in heat break down the vitamins? I thought I read somewhere in Discourse that it did… Does it?


I use them as a snack. There is added calories and fat and protein. But if you are having 1or 2 a day I’m guessing it would be like having an extra few ounces of soylent. In the batch I made the soylent nutrients and add on are spread over 30 cookies. If you made them a little smaller you would probably yield 36. The recipe is posted in my blog and someone with more know how than I is welcome to do the calculations. I don’t know if you could plug them onto the DIY spreadsheet.


I definitely saw them as a snack, and in fact drank my normal Soylent with them a couple times. For me they fill a great spot when I have the urge to snack on something more tangible than Soylent, but still want something that is extremely well balanced.

Even with the added stuff in the cookies, they’re still mostly Soylent so I feel they make an extraordinarily healthy snack when I’m in the mode.