I'm from Canada, can someone hook me up?


The tittle says it all, I live in Canada and I’m looking for someone to hook me up with a month supply, I’m ready to pay a higher price for it. To a certain limit of course. Let me know!




These are all one week and no Buy It Now option so the prices climb so much its insane.


I’m in the same boat.
Cant wait for the shipment to start to the EU
Until then I’m also willing to pay a bit extra for someone with a large conscience and/or low morals to sell me some Soylent :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyone that feels like they fit the description can throw me a PM :wink:


Where do you live? I’m in BC and I’ve seen a number of ads on Craigslist. I’m not willing to part with my Soylent, but if you live near a border you can easily have it shipped to a US border town.


How can anyone be willing to spend $180.00 for 7 days of Soylent? That price is ridiculous. Also just because it’s the original one does not mean the community forks cannot compete.


Everything is worth what a willing & able buyer will pay so… obviously it’s worth it to some people to pay those prices, or it wouldn’t sell. I still think I got the highest price on record for Soylent, at $115 for a single day. Which I admit, I was completely stunned at.


You are right - it’s just stunning, given the fact that the list of ingredients is public, which is making it much easier to calculate the huge difference between the ingredients’ worth and the price at which some people sell the product.

Good thing that this won’t continue forever.


Convenience has a huge demand currently. I do DIY soylent but still understand and will pay the cost for convenience.


@Pacha51 @qentaur77
My interest was piked when others mentioned eBay, so i went a searching. I dont know if you’ve seen this one, but a full month just went up on eBay today with worldwide shipping. More than retail, but free domestic shipping and less than the going price for weekly.
Its an option.


That didn’t take long, someone already bought it.


You beat me to the post - i was just about to say the same thing. Crazy. I think it was up for less than an hour. I wonder how much the International shipping cost through the eBay global shipping program. They’re 40 pound boxes and are pretty big. It had to be like $100…


Like the sucker I am went ahead and bought it :smiley:
1-2 weeks of delivery time :frowning:
I saw he had 1 more month up for 500$, getting a bit steep with the added cost of shipping (83$) and Import charges (250$)


$250 import charges? That’s nuts. Is there any way around that?
I’d message the seller and ask if they’re willing to re-box it, and send it as a gift or something else, technically not a purchased product since its not purchased directly from Rosa Labs. Then no import fees. :wink:
Maybe even try to go around eBay and buy straight through Paypal so they can save fees. But require whatever Paypal requires for verification and buyer protection. That way you can offer less than the $783 you just paid, and the seller gets some cash for time re-boxing…

Just a thought.

***If the seller is on here (which i’m guessing he is), maybe message @qentaur77?


Maybe check with @eveb, @malcolm_56, or @predator. I think they are getting it through reshippers to Canada, they may be able to help with getting through the fees.


Message me please, or shoot me an email at naturesfusions@gmail.com. I cant PM you since until now i’ve only been a lurker and never registered or posted, so this is my first comment. I’d be willing to do something along the lines of what konacj said. My company gets a large discount on international shipping since we import everything we sell and i could probably cut at least $150 off what you spent via eBay and get it to you beginning of next week instead of the 2 week delivery time eBay quoted.


Yeah I saw the ebay post too late… but 200$ for customs fees are completely ridiculous! wow!


The only way I know to bypass import fees is to bring packages back yourself. I tried the gift thing once but they still charged me duty on the estimated value of goods. I will be making 2 trips to pick-up my 2 months and bringing the gf with me to avoid import fees. Theres no guarantee I wont get dinged but 2 people crossing with a total of $255 in goods usually gets waved through.


I doubt I’d be able to help. I’m still waiting another 10 or so weeks. And then I’ll be paying what the re-shipper tells me to pay. Luckily I can afford initial sticker shock but if it’s too bad then I will ration my month’s supply and wait for Canadian shipments. That’s why I went for the one-time order at $300 because I wasn’t sure if I wanted to commit.

What I will surely do is post as soon as I get my package with an itemized bill.

Part of the problem is that getting Soylent for what I want (the vast majority of my meals) means shipping the entire mass of my groceries (less most of the water) by individual courier. In five years, I should be able to drop by a local vendor and pick up a box or two which will have crossed the border in a proper semi-truck shipment.


P.S. I’m guessing that by the time I get my first shipment (4 weeks), Rosa Labs and company will have the process streamlined so that new orders won’t be such a big deal.


I crossed the border with Soylent and the GST was only 5% on $800 (4 months supply).

Note, a friend got it re-shipped to Toronto, shipping was $150 per box. So on a 3-month supply you’re looking at $450 in shipping.