I'm having trouble digesting soylent, what are alternatives I could try?

1 teaspoon per 2 scoops or soylent or 1 teaspoon per 4 scoops ? Is there an alternative to psyllium? Or am I out of luck if I can’t tolerate it? Thanks!

I’d say 1 teaspoon per 2 scoops. I make mine by the pitcher and add the psyllium per serving. If you can’t tolerate psyllium maybe try blending a serving of soylent with a cup of frozen blueberries? Of course the problem with that is extra work and expense. There are a number of other fiber sources like metamucil etc, I haven’t tried those but I don’t see why it wouldn’t work.

metamucil is psyillium (with sweetening and flavor added)
I use 1 Tablespoon of metamucil / day, in water.
it’s tasty in Soylent, but doesn’t dissolve as well.