I'm in Canada. Can I buy official Soylent from Canada and get you to ship to a duty free store in the US?


I’m asking because I’m entirely sold on Soylent, and I really want to try the official formula as soon as possible. I’m ready to drop cash on a month’s supply right now… I have a duty free shop not far from me, and they let Canadians ship products to their warehouse for a small fee.


As long as it’s a US address there wouldn’t be any issues. Thanks for your interest!


Hey @shnwntrs , I’m in Toronto and seem to be in the same boat as you. How do you go about having a parcel sent to a duty free shop? Is it delivered and then ready for pick up? I’ve never heard of that process and would like to know more. Is there a link you can post please?
Thanks in advance for your time.


Well, I don’t know what the offerings near TO are, but I’m in Thunder Bay, and we have a shop called Ryden’s about an hour’s drive from us… they charge $3 a parcel… if memory serves me correctly, you still have to pay duty at customs

Here’s the page for Rydens’ service: http://www.rydensstore.net/shipping.htm


Here’s a list of border shipping services closest to various Canadian cities: https://www.kinek.com/shipping-to-the-border