I'm in the army and one reason i purchased Soylent is for the fields

The MREs and field chows give me gas problem, and it’s common for me to poop multiple time in a single day which is very inconvenient in a training environment. I came across this product on the internet and if anyone can give me some suggestion of how early should i start using soylent before field training to make sure my stomach does not react violently.


The night before?


Depends how much you plan to eat each day. Definitely a good idea to slowly ramp up consumption over a few weeks before doing something like 50% of your diet.

As a fan of Soylent who put 4 years in infantry myself, I gotta say, you should try to train your stomach to deal with MREs and field chow.

As a soldier, your job is to be ready for war. At war, they can’t supply special needs. If you can’t eat the same shit they are giving everyone else, you are not ready for war.

Soylent in garrison is a great idea, and may help you find ways to tolerate what they give you in the field, but until the Army adopts it, you need to find a way to adjust youself to field chow. Enzyme supplements, probiotics, I would just start trying shit.