I'm intolerant to soy - can I use Soylent?


I have tried many times to use soy products, like soy milk. I can tolerate occasional ingestion of soy, like edemame at sushi, but if I drink soy milk every day I get increasingly horrible heart burn that won’t go away. I was also intolerant to soy as a baby. I love the idea of Soylent, and the information says it’s great for people who have intolerance issues or heartburn, but I am wondering if this is true for people who have a hard time digesting soy proteins.

I read on the blog that the whey proteins are being replaced by rice and bean proteins to make it vegan. Wondering if there will different varieties offered to allow those of us like me who might need a novel protein base to avoid reactions.


Where did you read that Soylent will contain soy?


i believe the blog said rice and pea proteins. there’s been no official announcement to the final ingredients of version1.0 to my knowledge but there has been vague mentions of different varieties for men and women at the very least. so perhaps further varieties in v1.0 will be on offer as well.


Likely the name confuses a lot of folks.

@justmebg: While the official Soylent product does contain soy (in the form of powdered soy lecithin) it isn’t currently used as a primary protein source—it appears to be used as an emulsifier. The proteins are currently being provided almost exclusively by rice and pea protein.

You can view the most recent ingredients list here on the official blog.


there’s no “soy” in “soylent”. only people ;]]