I'm selling about a month's worth of soylent, any takers?


I have about a month’s supply of Soylent. I’m going to sell it instead of simply throwing it away. I thought I should at least throw the offer out there after considering the agonizing wait that so many people have experienced. It’s bags+oil.


Oh I should add that I’m located in the east bay area in california.


I’ll take it if you’re not going to rip me off eBay-style :slight_smile:


I am also in the east bay. Would u be willing to sell just a weeks worth?


I would take them all and be glad to pick them up. I live in downtown SF.


ok ive pmed you. characters requirement


@bronse, if this falls through let me know. I’m in Walnut Creek and already have my Solylent and I’ve been on it for a week. But my fianceé has seen the benefits and I’ve converted here. Now she wants Soylent too!

Hit me up if you still need to unload it.



I only ordered a week and I’m in Danville. R u asking just the cost or r u trying to get more? U would be helping me out big time if u lemme just grab a week. You could convert a very unhappy Customer into a loyal one :slight_smile:

Also I can’t even reorder, and that guy who got his can. Take that into consideration please


Sorry all, but the Soylent is gone :smiley:

Fianceé is excited. Thanks again @bronse


No problem. Let me know if you have any problems.