I'm so excited for Soylent 2.0!

Soylent 2.0 is exactly what I’ve been waiting for. I am one of those people so lazy that even mixing powder in a blender feels like an ordeal. Plus, I feel like I am always screwing it up, and Soylent 2.0 will come exactly as Soylent was intended to be made. I ordered 24 bottles as a sample. My hopes are high!


Wait what? Did I miss an announcement?

I mean I believe you but anyone got a link?

Edit: nevermind im an idiot

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You made a new topic instead of just posting this is the 2.0 thread?


I think they might have been worried that expressing their support in the announcement thread would be drowned out by all the armchair economists. Maybe it’s cheesy but personally I think it’s nice to have a separate thread more focused on positivity. Our brains tend to remember negative things more vividly so all the criticism can paint an ugly picture.


I’m not personally excited, it costs more for a month’s worth - ignoring bulk discount 280 for the powder vs 340 for the liquid, so I won’t be having it as a staple though I might sample some. On the other hand I feel the liquid’s formula is generally better because of the lower GI and higher fat, and better for me because of the higher protein. Also it covers some use cases the powder doesn’t, and I’m pretty impressed they managed to get a year long shelf life for a pre-mixed bottled liquid.

Personally I’m still waiting for the solid Soylent product to release even though that probably won’t replace the powder for me either :stuck_out_tongue:


Almost started my own thread. My biggest problem with soylent now is mixing up the pitcher the night beforehand. I get too tired and don’t feel like it, so the next day it’s back to spending tons on muggle food that’s more fattening.

Plus those days where I’m going out are tough to plan for. Any day it’s planned I can work around, but if I’m going out on the spur of the moment it changes my whole diet plan for the week.

It will be so much easier to just have a bunch in the fridge and grab one when it’s time to eat.

I’m just a little worried about the soy, with the “controversy” over the isoflavones… but I’m reading a bunch of mixed reports so hopefully that’ll end up being ok.


This topic is specifically about excitement about 2.0.

The 2.0 thread is specifically about complaining about the price.


Quite right, and note that there is another, quite marvellous thread for expressing positive views on 2.0.

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