I'm so hungry all of a sudden


I’ve been on Soylent for a couple weeks now and never really had major hunger issues(even when I didn’t finish the whole days worth). But now, I’m just constantly hungry, I’m not getting full, but I’m not having cravings either.

Part of me thinks that my appetite has adjusted to Soylent and now my body wants more of it, but that worries me since I’m trying to break the over-eating habit I had pre-Soylent.

My current routine is to drink Soylent gradually throughout the day(no real meals) and when I want a different taste, I just toss back a small handful of trail mix that I keep sitting near me.(The bags of trail mix used to last me 3 or 4 days, now I’m almost done with a bag in almost half the time)

Anyone have a similar experience, or advice to help out?

EDIT: Extra info, I also just quit flavoring my Soylent as well. I used to mix in some powdered lemonade mix to try and cover the taste, but decided that was too sugary for my teeth to stay healthy


I wonder if your body got used to sugary stuff you added and wanted more of it?


You say you have an over eating problem and your trying to fix it with Soylent. I am assuming this means your currently overweight and your trying to fight it. Its possible you may be cutting to many calories to quickly. This can cause your body to rebel. You may want to check out the Nutrient Calculator and make sure your getting enough calories for a person your size. You can put in your stats and set it for either steady or quick weight loss and see what it says about your caloric needs. If it turns out your significantly under the estimated number you can augment your Soylent with more protein powder, oat flour, and/or oil.

And like Rolf said it could be sugar withdrawal.


I have been of Soylent over 3 weeks and are doing like you sipping as hungry comes upon me.I usually eat something at night before going to sleep lately. Rolf above has a point sugar as in sugary food or drink is rapidly metabolized by our body. Insulin level rises to “burn” this easily metabolized sugar than you have a increased “spark” and no fuel to burn. Your body responses by being “hungry”. That why proteins, fats and fiber filled foods seem to stay with you longer, you burn them slower, it takes more energy. Your insulin levels are more stabilized and are used up slowly. Add fiber to your Soylent or a snack that’s not sugary. Hey, we’re on a journey to better health.( NOW’ I’m speaking to myself too!)


I don’t know what your situation is. But for me, I’ve gotten when I need more of a particular nutrient, and when my metabolism shot up. If you’re not craving anything, I’d guess it was either the withdrawal mentioned or perhaps your metabolism is kicking up a notch.

It would probably be best to continue as you are and see if hunger remains even after being given time to adjust to the loss of sugar.


Perhaps tell a little about your body :slight_smile: like others have said… It is likely the sugar difference that caused the change. Nothing is wrong with flavoring your Soylent… You could even look for sweet tastes that don’t increase the calories…

Don’t be too worried about your oral health just because of sugar… Sugar by itself does no harm at all. It is only because the bacteria on your teeth break it down, and their waste product is acidic. This would basically happen regardless of what carb you eat in various degrees as a study posted elsewhere on this forum comparing maltodextrin and sugar in terms this acid from the bacteria. The difference was there, but small.

Well perhap you already knew this :slight_smile: just wanted to help with one of your worries.