I'm sure the ebay sellers appreciate your shipping policy


You know…

The ones who ordered large amounts to get head of the line shipping.

The ones now selling on ebay.

The ones who also have head of the line due to reorders.

Seriously, when are you guys going to admit your mistake?


I dont think they made a mistake. Big deal. Some guys are making some money on EBAY whoopedeedoo. I think it made sense and still do to ship the largest orders first.


You guys are actually funny to watch at this point, the level of blind devotion.


The level of bitching just to be bitching. Comical indeed.


from what I seen on ebay, it’s not really that large a volume in total that’s been sold there compared to how much they are making… and honestly, it’s giving people in europe to get it earlier eventhough some guys are making a little profit on it. the shipping is what costs the most in this case


Soylent is listed on eBay, but are people actually buying at those prices?


Drooling fanboyism, it’s what’s for breakfast (since hardly anyone is getting their Soylent)


Post a few more pictures.

you’re just proving your slavish devotion with each one.


HAHAHA!!! It took you that long to come up with that? Oh jeez. A guy comes in whining bringing nothing to the forum but wanting to complain. I just cant make this ish up. I dont need to post any more pictures. You are making yourself look bad enough on your own.


Sorry, I don’t stay on the forum every waking moment ready to defend my idle to the death from those who dare to question them.

But judging by your forum technique, I’m debating whether you started at 4chan or somethingaweful.


Right, I’m not sure how this thread might be salvaged into something constructive but if it isn’t soon then it will be closed and you guys can continue on PM.


@JulioMiles I think it is already past that point. If I were you this is not the public face of my customers that I would want to have portrayed.


My apologies, Julio. But the people who do nothing but come here and complain. Criticism is fine when its constructive. Just have to mock the rest.


AHAHAHA…pucker up.


See? This chick is just full of answers and advice.