Immersion blender for Soylent?


Has anyone tried mixing their soylent with an immersion / hand blender? I’m very interested as it seems it would making cleanup far easier, and I could mix it right within the larger container. I was hoping for some feedback before purchasing one.


Well I just bought one. These were the two contenders from Amazon in my opinion:

Cuisinart CSB-76 SmartStick 200-Watt Immersion Hand Blender
DeLonghi DHB716 380-Watt Tri-Blade 2-Speed Handblender

I just ordered the latter (pictured) merely because of the much higher wattage and the price difference wasn’t much. Also some highly helpful rated reviews on the Cuisinart seem to suggest it has an essential plastic piece which breaks.

I kind of get the feeling this 380 watt one is overkill for just mixing some powders though, and the Cuisinart would potentially work perfect for this scenario. If someone owns/gets that one let me know how it goes, I’ll report how mine is.


I love immersion blenders, they are great for making mayo, so mixing Soylent will probably be a breeze.


Received my immersion blender yesterday. Used it the first time this morning. Awesome! Very quiet, and tremendous power. Sucks itself to the bottom of the container with quite a bit of force (and I’m talking about the low setting). Not impossible to hold away or anything, but it will tire your arm out. Super easy to clean. Also pretty long in length which works well for my soylent container.


I bought an Oster brand “Party Jar” blender from walmart for about 35 bucks.

The nice thing about it is the 64 oz jar that gives me plenty of room to whip up a large batch. Plus, it seems to blend very well, including when I add ice cubes.

Suggestions on blenders or other mixing and measuring equipment?