Immersion Blender versus Nutribullet?


I’ve ordered my first batch of Soylent (1.4) and I’m looking forward to it arriving =).

Reading online, it seems the two popular approaches to blending are to either use a immersion blender (e.g. Cuisinart CSB-76), or a full-sized blender like the Nutribullet range.

What are people’s thoughts on these, specifically for mixing up Soylent? Which would you recommend me buying?


When I was exploring Soylent lo those many months ago, I went shopping for a two-litre blender. The only one I could find in a reasonable price range was this one:

I see it in one of the “Flavoring Soylent” video series. You can get the model without the two individual cups for a bit cheaper. (Yes, that’s a Canadian price and dealer, my revenge for attempting to deal with U.S. Amazon where you can also purchase it). I used the individual cups for 100%Food but found them a pain. I love the big blender though because I keep the whole thing in the fridge instead of the Takeya pitcher and reblend before every serving. My counter has mostly the blender base on it so my Soylent is always handy for my next serving.



I’ve got an immersion blender but it’s not necessary for 1.4 unless you’re adding extras. I usually just shake in the Takeya pitcher.


I’d recommend holding off, at least for now. Maybe manually shaking in the included pitcher will work for you. It works fine for a number of customers, including me. One less thing to clean. :grinning:

And if it doesn’t, you can always then go out.


I actually have both things. A vitamix & an immersion type. Whenever I made single servings the immersion was better but the big blender was best for a large amount. Except that it wasn’t quite big enough! 64 oz of liquid becomes even more when you add the powdered food mix.

I think using the pitcher to start and seeing if you really need anything else is the best idea.


I use to use a blender bottle or a no-name-shaker.
It still works if you add honey/peanutbutter/fleaseeds/whatever.
But I make my Soylent fresh every time and don’t store it in the refrigator.


I don’t always use a blender. But when I do, my choice depends on how much cleaning difficulty I am up for.

My immersion blender is good enough to mix Soylent thoroughly, for sure. It also:

  • does a good job mostly liquifying frozen blueberries, bananas, and frozen kale powder.
  • And then it’s very easy to clean.

You do have to be careful in use, though, to keep moving it around and not get it too close to the surface.

I don’t have a nutribullet, but a similar mid-level blender. I use it occasionally for smoothies and Soylent (including DIY). It will:

  • liquify solids better, including frozen broccoli, hard fruits, etc.
  • but it won’t mix pure Soylent any better than the immersion blender, and actually introduces more air
  • It is easier in that you can walk away for a few minuntes while it works.

But then cleanup is much longer, and sticky liquid has usually run down some crevice or place I don’t initially notice.

If you’re commited to purchasing something, I vote for Nutribullet - purchased at Costco, or perhaps a more reputable blender brand if you don’t have Costco access. You’ll likely find more uses for it outside the Soylent mission. An immersion blender is more specialized.


I’ve always used in immersion blender. The way I do it is to add the powder to the pitcher and then add about 1/2 of the water. Then I shake it up in the pitcher, and then use the immersion blender. Because the immersion blender is too short to reach the bottom of the pitcher with out immersing the motor part, I use it with only 1/2 the water. After that I add most of the rest of the water and use the immersion blender again. Then top off to the inner green ring to get to the full 2 liter level.

It takes me about 5min to mix up a full batch and the only clean up is just the immersion wand.

People often talk about having to leave their Soylent for ‘a couple hours’ in the fridge after mixing, but I’ve found with the immersion blender (or any blender I would imagine) this isn’t really necessary.


I don’t blend much lately as lately I have been enjoying the convenience of using my 1 gallon pitcher to make 8 servings at a time; but when I did I just used a cheap Black & Decker blender I picked up at Target. I think it safe to say is not the best blender (but I am definitely not a blender connoisseur, so who knows), but it came with (and there were “add on” packs of) bottles that could be used directly on the blender. I haven’t tried it with ice, and when I’ve used dried fruit (like figs, yum) I pre-soaked them in a small amount of hot water to soften (if you do this, make sure to include the water into the mix), so I can’t say for sure how well it would handle those normally. The main benefits to me is that the blending only ends up generating one more dish than not blending would (the blender blade/lid), and the bottles are perfectly usable even when not bothering blending.


When I was shopping for blenders, the only thing I cared about was the capacity (and price). I knew that I will never be a smoothie type person and I figured any blender could cope with powder and water. Most (including mine) can also pulverize ice but I don’t do that very often.



I just use the Takeya for Soylent (great upper body work out)… But for Schmoylent I used to use an immersion blender which was a little more effort but gave good results. Just finished off my last Schmoylent today (mixed feelings… worked great during the Soylent backlog but time to move on). For single serving Schmilk now I’ve settled on a small and ultra-cheap Hamilton Beach blender (cheap nutribullet rip off) which I think is a great option for single serving as the blades are integrated in the cup so there is less to clean (compared to separate container + immersion blender)


I use an immersion blender because it is so easy to clean up. They are also very cheap. I use a 2 liter Frigoverre pitcher instead of the one Soylent sent me. These are much shorter so the immersion blender can easily reach the bottom. They fit nicely where you would put a jug of milk in the refrigerator. I don’t think I would use it if I were using the Soylent pitcher.


I use a Nutribullet to mix individual meals of 1.4, and to add in protein powder/veggies/spices/berries to individual servings or the full bag. Since the whole bag won’t fit in the Nutribullet, I first mix the bag in the Takeya pitcher. Then I’ll pour some out into the Nutribullet, blend in whatever, pour it back into the pitcher, and shake. It mixes in just fine, and I can flavor a whole pitcher without owning a full-sized blender.