Immune system changes after being on soylent?


So far people on official and DIY soylent have talked about feeling all around healthier but has anyone noticed an actual change in their immune system? Does anyone find themselves getting sit less often? Fewer sore throats or stuffy/runny noses?


In their one month video @vanclute mentioned allergies becoming less severe. Haven’t heard anything yet about immune systems, but I’d assume getting 100% of your vitamin C everyday can’t hurt


Yeah Shannon’s allergies are just plain GONE. They’ve plagued her for decades… she used to just about live on Sudafed taking it multiple times a day, every day, for well over a decade. She managed to get them largely under control on her own via supplementation (especially a massive OD of vitamin A for a short period of time), but they never went away entirely, being especially troublesome during prime gardening season (right now). Ever since Soylent, they’re not reduced… they’re GONE. ZERO allergy symptoms at all. All the runny nose, itchy eyes, stuffy head… all that stuff. Completely gone without a trace. And she’s been gardening longer and harder than ever before over the last month. It’s been a seriously night & day difference.


Things like this are far too important to be disregarded by Rosa Labs and the medical community at large.

@rob You guys need to keep track of these things.


I hate to rain on the parade here. But I would safely say her allergies being gone has more to do with the rapid decline in tree pollen in your area then any miracle anti-allergy effect of her food intake.


Like joemoe says, might simply be placebo + low pollen atm… It would be very interresting though if there was actually something there. One thing is for sure, that if someones immune system was compromised because of bad diet, then it would improve on soylent…


I suppose anything is possible, though she’s not just the average person being exposed to whatever is in the air at large. She’s actively out in the garden planting, digging, re-potting, weeding, etc. etc. just about every single day. It doesn’t get much worse than that. Still, the ultimate test will of course be a much longer time horizon. It has only been a month after all. I just know that regardless of pollen count, in all the years I’ve known her (almost 14), her allergies have only gotten steadily worse and more difficult to treat with any allergy meds. Her supplementing made the biggest change but after a while, even that started to be a whole lot less effective.

This summer will certainly be an interesting one in this respect and many others!


Is she consuming only Soylent, or also eating other foods? Just a suggestion; she could have an allergy to a food she was consuming on a regular basis before.


We’re still consuming conventional food when we feel like it, probably for about 10% to 30% of our meals on average per week. I suppose a food related allergy isn’t impossible, but her issues were TOTALLY specific to being outdoors. As long as she’d stay indoors on really windy days for example, she would have much less of a problem. But spend the day gardening her flowers, or be outside watering for an hour during the afternoon winds, and she’d be a mess. That’s what has completely disappeared.


You know…


Potentially somewhat relevant:


Is it possible Shannon was actually allergic to something she was eating?


Anything is possible, but I would think a food allergy to be unlikely. Her allergies always get worse the more gardening she does, and with season changes. They are like clockwork in this way. Or at least they were. And they were really specific symptoms too, all the classic “seasonal allergy” stuff of watery/itchy eyes, stuffy nose, etc. They were year-round but always flared up huge in spring/fall.


@vanclute it is possible she has the recently recognized “Mast Cell Disorder”. One of the things Mast cells produce is histamine and food can be a trigger for this (some number of people with this problem find a “low-histamine diet” to be helpful). It is possible that food could have caused histamine production which pushed her over the edge as it were. One thing or the other wasn’t enough to give her a bad reaction, but both together did.


Interesting… I guess all we can really do is give it time and see if she has any recurrence of allergy issues, especially on the super high pollen count days when she’s also out in the garden. Will just pay attention to any changes one way or another…


You have given me hope where previously there was none. 15 years of allergy shots have gotten me to the point i can go outside for a full day and not be miserable…sometimes. There are still half-a-box-of-tissues days fairly regularly though.

-Allergy sufferer


You could test it too. Have her eat a bunch of strawberries in the morning and then go out to the garden. Strawberries are very high histamine producing foods and if she has issues that day and no other day, then it is a reasonable hypothesis to work from.


Ah interesting, I didn’t know that! OK will mention it and see if she feels like being a lab rat. LOL


“Dear, eat these before going out to the garden today”
“Strawberries? Why?”
“I have reason to suspect they may bring back those crippling allergies you’ve just gotten over.”

Good luck @vanclute :slight_smile:


LOL Yeah, that’s roughly the way the conversation was in my head as well… (facepalm)