Impatient complainers do not represent the vast majority of customers awaiting their first shipments


I’ve been receiving a Soylent Discourse Digest update once a week, and earlier today I visited the Soylent Facebook page to see what’s new at the company. I placed an order for Soylent back in June, and I’m awaiting my shipment. Soylent has been very communicative, including directly responding to some E-mails I’ve sent through asking about adding a subscription on top of an initial single shipment order. I’ve received an address confirmation E-mail that also informed me of some additional delays in fulfilling orders due to a variety of obviously legitimate factors.

I’m not normally the type of guy that participates in blogs, online communities, etc., but I’ve got to speak-up this time.

I’ve been reading nasty comment after nasty comment for months now from customers waiting for their delayed initial shipment of Soylent.

I want to start a blog posting thread that helps us new, not-yet-shipped clients of Soylent - those of us that recognize the larger picture of what Soylent is trying to accomplish - are heard.

Maybe it’s a metaphorical waste-of-breath on all those negative complainers & whiners, but here goes…Really guys & gals, get a freakin’ life! So you have to wait a few extra months…So what? Very obviously Soylent is not a scam or multi-level marketing or a diet food gimmick or making outrageous claims or any number of lame modern day turn-offs in the world of nutrition & health food. It’s not overpriced and its not overhyped. It’s grown organically and mostly by word-of-mouth. It’s a high-tech start-up that actually matters - it’s not an iPhone gaming app.

In my opinion, way too many people of gotten a bit weird these days. One of the postings talked about complaining to Steve Colbert because the Soylent CEO was on his program earlier this year. I’m near 60, but the only comments that seem to fit this silliness are OMG, LOL and most WTF. They have the same attitude that has hammered much of the American public’s health in recent years - I want my food and I want it now and I’m going to drive through that Burger King I just saw up ahead due to their massive sign and their heavy marketing to my demographic and get a Whopper and a large french fries and a 32 oz. carbonated cup of basically Karo’s corn-syrup with artificial flavoring, otherwise known as a Coke, and do my best to keep my card-carrying membership in the overweight, unhealthy obese club. Where you don’t really die that much sooner then everyone else, you just become incapacitated at an early age and drag down the entire U.S. medical system along with everyone’s retirement systems.

The U.S. is far from perfect, but it is BLESSED with a number of awesome things, and one of them is having just about the greatest and safest and most diverse and most available food-chain system in the world. It’s not flawless, but anyone who has traveled out of the country much knows this is true. It could be streamlined a bit, but we all know that you can get a salad at McDonalds if you have enough self-discipline to order it.

So, complainers, how about applying some old-fashioned problem-solver skills?

My rocket-science solution…I did a bit of Internet research, tracked down a reasonably priced nearby nutrition store chain (The Vitamin Shoppe) looked at their large selection of meal replacement powders and picked one that seemed to fit me.

I’m replacing one meal a day and gearing up for the Soylent experience, where I’m planning to replace two meals a day, maybe all meals on certain days. I’m experimenting with using almond milk and peanut butter powder and agave syrup to fine tune the liquid meal.

Problem solved as I await Soylent to carefully ramp up production, packaging and shipping. Why on earth would anyone want them to rush this? It’s going to be a key part of many of our food intakes when it arrives. It’s not computer software where they can send out a patch if something doesn’t perform correctly.

I want the Soylent founders, managers, employees and crowdfunder financiers to know that I greatly appreciate what they’ve accomplished to this point in time and I appreciate their long-term vision with an innovative paradigm shift for food and nutrition.

Soylent has created a practical, reasonably priced, environmentally responsible alternative to traditional strategies of “eating healthy”.

I think I speak for others, as well - a lot of others - in the Soylent community, both those with fulfilled and those with soon-to-be fulfilled orders.

So please, if you are waiting for your order but recognize the big picture of what Soylent really means and recognize why it’s a really, really important company, please speak up!


Nice post. I agree reading these forums gives a lot of good information, but also the impression that lots of people are unhappy about the company. It is important to remember they are a minority.


I don’t see any actual proof (one way or the other) as to who the real minority actually is.

With Soylent shipping much faster these days, “impatient complainers” may be in the minority - that’s only because the ship has largely sailed, though.

I personally have been fairly PO’d at how shipping has unfolded. I’ve posted as such before, but not in an overly harsh way. The most biting and condescending posts have come from the defenders, from what I’ve read since this place started. Both sides have valid points, and IMO both sides should stop trying to silence the other; let each have their own threads and voices. After all, when one attempts to silence another, the other tries harder to speak louder. Internet arguments ultimately lead to very few, if any, minds being changed anyway. And complaining about complainers accomplishes even less. (I myself prefer to complain about complainer complainers)

Again, with Soylent approaching full shipping completion (outside of International orders, anyway - those people definitely need to be cut some slack) this is largely a point after the fact, at best, and beating a dead horse, at the very least. Thanks for helping me kill 3 minutes, anyway. :smile:


smeggot -
Complaining about people who complain about complainers! Love it! Nicely stated.

I know that it’s all largely after the fact, that Soylent is nearly caught up, but drop by Soylent’s Facebook page when you get a chance…From all the negative comments, you’d think Soylent was a couple of guys in a garage in the Valley (Silicon or San Fernando) blending up some powder a few hours a day and then going surfing (Web or wave) the rest of the day, instead of what is actually happening, which is that they are tackling issue as they arise and getting hundreds of thousands of carefully formulated Soylent units out the door.

It’s not that I think we should squeeze all of the accountability-oriented comments out of the Soylent community forums. I’m not suggesting that there be a purge of all naysayers. But I just couldn’t take it any more without…setting aside a few minutes to complain about it.

It’s like those newscasts we’ve all seen where a City Council meeting is interrupted and shut down from having a productive evening because the requirements of a public forum allow a handful protesters focused on a narrow issue and who feel 1st Amendment-protected are allowed to shout down the proceedings or overload the public comment portion.

My overall feeling is that if someone doesn’t want to wait, Soylent will refund their money quickly, so they should stop publicly hassling Soylent. They can simply go to the store and buy a different meal replacement solution and try again at a later date to sign-up for a Soylent subscription.


“I don’t see any actual proof (one way or the other) as to who the real minority actually is.”

This. Let’s not make threads stating things in all caps are they way things are when there is no proof or backing to the statement.


Opinions and complaints - everyone’s got 'em.


Can you please site a specific study validating that statement?



An objection about my using three letters in caps. I suppose I could & should have used italics. As mentioned, I’m not an experienced blogger.

Two requests for empirical evidence that the vast majority of Soylent customers awaiting their delayed do not have negative feelings towards the company…apparently a few folks consider it over-reaching and I need to conduct a scientific survey to support this assumption.

As I mentioned, I think Soylent is doing something important, and I think that - here we go again, another assumption - many people signing up to start their program feel the same way.

I think I’ll just wait until I get my Solyent shipments - no matter how long it takes - and then jump back into the discourse site to join in the Experiences discussions, which seem a lot more fun, and everyone seems in a better mood over there.


Well, my posts have apparently earned me an Editor Badge, whatever that means, so maybe I’ll continue to post pre-Soylent shipment, since the algorithms of the blogging software seem to appreciate me. Unless a real human awards the badges. Removed the caps from the initial topic headline, can’t italicize that line, removed the caps and italicized the wording near the end of the initial post.


You’re way out of line, it wasn’t just weeks or months, we’re talking over a year but that wasn’t it, it was the constant over promising and massively under delivering, the BS that was given, the blatant smack in the face updates and I could go on.

People here had legitimate reasons to be angry and upset, how dare you deny them that right to feel that way and speak their minds.


You’re way out of line. He didn’t spam his view on the complainers threads, he started his own. If you don’t like his views you don’t have to read his posts, but he is entitled to his view ever bit as much as you are entitled to yours. Seems like you are the one daring to deny him the right to feel that way and speak his mind.


Please, would everybody just stop speaking their minds? Think of the children!


LOL…is the OP for real?

No matter how badly this circus is managed the white knights will still be here defending it.


You do realise everything you just said, is complete nonsense.


Is that perhaps a bit of an exaggeration? It’s coming up to a year and a half for the earliest backers, but no one has waited 2 years or more, years-plural, since sending their money. Correct me if I’m mistaken.


You are correct, I apologise and I’ll edit my post to correctly reflect that.


I quietly waited 8 months. I didn’t even make a forum account until after receiving my shipping confirmation. But had I come into the forums in June and saw that people had ordered in February were still waiting on their orders, I probably would have not ordered. So maybe all the complainers serve a purpose: to keep those that haven’t ordered from wasting their time. They also indirectly bring attention to how prompt a cancellation and refund can be provided via thread responses. I considered cancelling my order and getting a refund, but decided that I didn’t need the money back and was genuinely curious about trying it. But 8 months is a ridiculous time frame. It may not warrant derision, but it hardly demands defending.


It is painfully obvious that many of the people here have never backed a kickstarter before.

Oh well op, more soylent for you and me.


To be fair, a good chunk of the orders were pre-orders, not backer orders.


That is a fair point.

Still, I can’t help but feel like people are putting inappropriate expectations on this product. Most people are treating the release of this as if it were a gadget.

This isn’t the sort of thing that can be firmware patched if it makes people sick. This is a version 1.0 foodstuffs/ lifestyle. You simply cannot have the same expectations for this product as as you would for a fully developed product purchased from a brick and mortar.