Importance of water temperature with 1.4?


So I got my first month of 1.4 yesterday, and I love it! It’s more filling than 1.3, the taste seems more “wholesome” than 1.3, it barely ever separates out no matter how long it sits there, and I’m only getting a hint of saltiness. It’s weird, though, because I bought a “sample pouch” of 1.4 last month, and I remember it being a salty nightmare. The only difference I can think of between these two “versions” of 1.4 is that I made the first one in blender bottles with cold water (so that they would refrigerate faster), whereas now I’m using the Official Pitcher and warm water. Could warm water be the secret to making 1.4 drinkable, or did I just get lucky?


I hope you are heating the water yourself and not using hot/warm water out of the tap, which can contain dissolved lead, heavy minerals, and other nasty stuff. It’s ok for washing with, but never consume hot/warm water from the tap.


Oh god, I’ve been using tap water… the apartment I’m living in now is ridiculously old, too, and you have to run the warm water for a while or it comes out brown-tinged. I’ve probably taken a couple years off my life already. Thanks for the warning!

From other topics, it looks like some other folks are also recommending warm water (hopefully warmed on the stove…) I don’t want to try mixing a pitcher with cold water now, in case it costs me a day of food, but can anybody who hates 1.4 remember what temperature of water they used?


I wouldn’t be too down on yourself. I doubt you have done any serious damage.
FYI, there is a discussion about filtration systems in another thread right now. (Starting with this post, and reading down several posts.)

Not sure if that would be an option for you or not, but I use one and am happy with it.