Impossible to lose weight with soylent


Iv been doing this Soylent thing pretty strong for at least two months. Outside of family dinner on Sunday, a midweek restaurant meal to reward for the weeks hard work at work and some lil munchies throughout the week (nuts, some cheese and crackers, yogurt covered berries), besides that I am totally on Soylent. Every morning a solo cup full, if I eat dinner or lunch, I will skip the Soylent for that meal. Usually partake three times a day. 42 year old male at 225lbs. In fact, I am not 100% but I feel like I am gaining weight at this time. WTF, frustrated!

Does this stuff slow the metabolism down?
Is the fat content to high for me?
I read that they put something in that does a slow release of vitamins, could this slow something down in my body that would prevent weight lose?


You may be getting more calories than you think from all the extra snacks and food than you think.

Do you finish an entire bag each day of Soylent? If you want to lose weight, you either need to eat less calories than you spend on metabolism and excersize… It is all about calories in vs calories out.


No worries, you’re overthinking it. Use the Nutrient Calculator to judge how much you should be taking in, and try not to eat any extra. Weigh yourself often and record the results; if your still gaining weight after a week you’ll just need to adjust your intake.


I usually make a bag go for a day and a half. I try to keep a cup full in the morning because its nice to wake up and grab a chill glass of soylent.


1800 calories to loose weight rapidly 19something for steady weight lose. so I should make a bag go for two days at minimum if i eat a meal here and there. man… this is tough.


All those cheese, nuts and other snacks add up quickly, they’re very calorie dense. Try tracking the number of calories you eat for a week with something like MyFitnessPal, most people would be very surprised by how much they actually eat. Don’t just guess at how much you ate either, weigh your food while tracking.


It is tough but the less you weigh in the end the less hungry you will be. Its quite cost effective since you’ll be able to get the same level of satisfaction from a fraction of the usual amount and you wont even realize youre eating less.

You’ll get there!


Not sure how im going to determine cheese and crackers. i just cut a few slices and eat the stuff. as im walking by i grab a handful of nuts or berries. i understand your point that i may indulge to much with those munchies. i just don’t see myself counting out nuts and weighing my cheese on a scale etc… im a single guy, counting berries just seems foreign to me. idk, just frustrated, i appreciate the advice and taking the time to respond. i will need to think more about my munchies.


i used to be able to eat full size large pizzas along with breakfast and lunch. this time in my life is by far the most difficult to come to grips with.


Don’t forget Soylent isn’t a diet or weight loss food. It’s just a food. So don’t expect magic from it. If you want to use it to lose weight you basically have to forfeit other foods like snacking. And that’s a very difficult step.

One serving of Ritz crackers is 80 calories. One serving is 5 crackers. And one slice of a Kraft Cheese is 25 calories. That’s already 105 of your daily calories. So now you’re down to just 1695 calories for the rest of the day, if you’re going by the 1800 calories a day. That’s more than a 5th less of a serving of Soylent you can have to maintain your 1800 calories. One once of peanuts is about 161 calories. One cup of grapes is 62 calories, if they’re fresh. Now if you’re having the kind of berries found in trail mix or nut mix jars then that would be about 434 calories for one cup of raisins. So assuming you have all of that, the dried fruit and salted nuts with one serving of crackers and cheese that’s about… 680 calories. So on the 1800 you only have 1120 calories left for the day. That’s just a little over half a pitcher of Soylent a day. And that’s assuming that’s the most you’re having of those snacks.

Calories are super hard to keep track of and super easy to go overboard with. And do you drink any juices or soda? That’s where a lot of calories add up quickly. A cup of orange juice is about 110 calories. A can of Coke is 140 calories. So if you drink just one cup or one can of one of those there goes that “just a little over” part of your daily Soylent. Do you drink coffee? More calories. Do you sweeten it with cream or sugar? That’s even more calories. They creep in everywhere.

It’s really a choice. Something like weightloss there is no half-assing it. It’s all or nothing. If you cheat you’re only cheating yourself. If you miscount calories then it will only negatively effect your efforts. I’ve been struggling with it myself for years. And to achieve the weight loss you gotta basically change your lifestyle and eating habits completely. Soylent is great for that, though, as it makes counting calories easier and gives you optimum nutrition. When you’re used to, as I am, munching on something when you watch your favorite show or have a snack while working it’s difficult to break that habit. You’re going to feel hungry especially in the beginning. But I say let that feeling be a reminder of what you’re trying to accomplish. Like being sore after a workout. Use it as a badge of success. It is not going to be easy and one big issue I’ve seen and experienced with trying to lose weight is trying to maintain a current lifestyle and lose weight. In my experience and observations that just doesn’t work. Your life needs to totally change. Drastic changes. What you’ve been doing up til now hasn’t worked, right? How is doing a slightly altered version of it going to work any better? You’ve gotta make a complete change. It will suck. But in the end if you stick with it and do it right, do it the healthy way, you will feel much better. Physically and about yourself.

All that’s not to say you can never enjoy food again. But limit your enjoyment of food. One hurdle for me is realizing that food is not entertainment. Food is to sustain life. You can enjoy good tasting food, sure, but in the end food is fuel for your body. I’d eat entire pizzas and containers of ice cream to fill the time, to taste and enjoy it just for the sake of tasting and enjoying it. That’s not what food is supposed to be. Try to reserve using food that way for special occasions. Birthdays, holidays, a celebration for sticking with it for a few months, etc.

Of course that’s just my advice. Everyone has different bodies that work in different ways. Mine is stubborn and all or nothing. It’s not easy, I miss using food as entertainment, but I know better now. And those foods are much more enjoyable now when I do have them.

I don’t know if any of my rambling will help. I didn’t mean to go on that much or that far. Maybe you can get something from it? Who knows. But either way good luck on your health journey!


Not rambling, just a good pep talk from how I read it :smile:

For clarification though

Two more calories, and because of short term metabolic boosting and long term appetite suppressing the drink actually yields an overall negative calorie count. Assuming you don’t drown it in sugar or creamer, as you said.


Are you saying that as you lose weight, your appetite will decrease?

So, by being thinner, you won’t be as hungry?


What you need to do is figure out how many calories you need to maintain the weight you want to be at and then figure out how you can eat regularly for that many calories. Also, quit with the reward meal, and if you have a regular meal, it’s probably worth 2 Soylent meals. That reward meal is just throwing away all your gains for the week.


Yeah, basically, if we ignore eating disorders.

Another exception is if you are losing fat and replacing it with muscle, your caloric needs will actually increase. So you can look and feel better but actually need to eat more to maintain your weight.


Great information. Iv read it over and over again and all I can say is. “DAMN” im really f8cked! How did my life change so fast and thrown upside down. If i go to a restaurant and eat a nice meal, im destroyed the rest of the day and part of the next day according to calorie intake. I feel like i just want to die.

The break down made sense, very good sense and it certainly rattles my life. It’s the gawd awefull truth I just really didnt want to hear but needed to. I do eat for entertainment, mentally I do see myself doing these things and not realizing it. While its a great awakening, it also seems like a death sentence. I want a fucking cheeseburger so damn bad.


:slight_smile: You can still have those things if you want. You can choose to either have less Soylent, or increase your activity levels (exercise). But exercise doesn’t have to be “crossfit”, heavy weights, long fast runs or anything like that… Just focus on actually moving your body to make it burn the calories.


You can’t hit a precise target for anything without measuring, that is just how it is. You won’t be successful until you dismiss the self-judgment and start keeping track of your intake. Measuring your meals is not weird, it is a discipline that healthy people have and unhealthy people don’t.


To reinforce what @Tordenskjold said, it’s definitely worth looking at opportunities to increase your physical activity, along with whatever diet changes you can manage.

I see from your other thread that you already play golf, so that’s at least a great start (and might be enough on its own, depending how much you play and what else you do).

I wonder if there’s any scope for changing your daily routine in small ways to include more exercise? I know that walking for part of my journey to work instead of taking public transport has helped me maintain my weight.

A tech journalist wrote effusively about how walking helped him get his weight under control (see, under the “Fitness: information is power” heading, and his follow-up post: — obviously you don’t actually need to track it with a $350 smartwatch, but noting down simple things like rough calorie counts and rough minutes of exercise per day can help give you a greater sense of awareness and control.

And hey, don’t worry. You’re not f—ed. You’re already making changes to get healthier. It’s scary when your assumptions turn out not to be true, but you’re more than capable of getting where you want to be.


Weight loss through exercise is extremely time-consuming, especially for people who are not already fit. Yes, include some exercise, but controlling calorie intake is far more effective.


Is there data to back that up?

(I’ve got zero data to back my assertions up, but as far as I know even a little exercise is recommended as being beneficial for almost everything, including mood, stress and sleeping well, all of which can help when you’re trying to control your calorie intake).