Improper shipment, returning package to shipper


I just received the above exception from FedEx on both packages (starter kit and 1M) and they are being returned. What does it mean and why it happened? What will happen with my order?


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(As you’re a new user, you don’t have permission to post pictures, so we can’t see what’s going on)
I can link the picture if you’d like, I just need to know where it is.


you could call FedEx and ask them to look into this. If they attempted delivery and were unable to leave the package that may be what is going on. You can ask for it to be held at a local FedEx office for pick up.


Herę is the tracking link:


Yea I would call Fedex for sure. It could be a problem with your address on the package.


We’ve been working on this today and hopefully it will be sorted out tomorrow morning! Sorry about this!


After long discussions with customer service it turned out that FedEx is currently having problems shipping to my address :frowning: Is it possible to reship the order via UPS? I can pay for extra charges of course.


We’ll reship your order via USPS (expedited) on Monday. Thanks for your patience and apologies for the inconvenience!


Fedex doesn’t ship to my address and when I moved here I had to fill out a piece of paper that allowed them to hold onto packages for a certain number of days. They have my number on file and they call me when I have something there. Lately, I’ve been just using a friend’s home address in a town near me and it saves me the drive to their location. You might ask if that’s something they can work out for you. :stuck_out_tongue:


@JulioMiles I received today new shipment emails which say that again the order is shipped by FedEx and not USPS, which means that it will be returned again… why isn’t is USPS as said above?


That was a mistake by our fulfillment team – that shipment has been cancelled and your order is being shipped via USPS today. Please let me know if you don’t receive a revised shipment tracking email by tonight.


@ana @JulioMiles I received the packages today via USPS. Thank you for your awesome support!