Improve hydration / water-retention


So, I use extra soluble fiber in my Soylent, due to apparently swift bowels. It improves things for me immensely, but seems to have the additional side effect of dehydrating me (soluble fiber absorbs water, leaving less to be absorbed by the body ).

Does anybody know how to improve water retention or otherwise mitigate the dehydration effect? And to clarify, I already drink a lot of water at this point, so I’m hoping for a solution that isn’t simply “drink more water”


Salt (and other electrolytes?) can help with water retention- More salt, more retention.


Maybe that explains my salt cravings recently… which I wasn’t sure what to do with since I already supplement my Soylent with a teaspoon of salt as is. I guess I’ll just try increasing my salt consumption and see where it goes from there.


People that are more active will need more salt. That may be your case.


I am significantly less active than I should be…

then again, I’ve been sweating like a pig recently… around the same time as I’ve been having these dehydration issues…

Wow, I feel really stupid now that its laid out for me. XD Thanks. That helps alot.


I think I read somewhere that a tablespoon would put the sodium content where it should be, but that may have been wrong.


I thought so too, which is why I had it at 1 teaspoon initially. But rob and other members of the community say only 1/4 tsp is necessary. Looking at salt I have, my math comes out to needing just over half a teaspoon of salt to reach 100% according to the nutrition facts.


I said 1 TABLEspoon. I always hope that they will come up with a different name for one of the “spoon” measurements so mistakes like that don’t happen.

1 Tablespoon = 3 teaspoons


You supplement with a full teaspoon??? I did around 3/4 of a teaspoon the first time by accident, and it was borderline undrinkable. Truly awful… I had to mix up a second batch to cut it and it was still mighty nasty.


@genaio, my bad. I totally missed that. hm. According to my experience log, two teaspoons of iodized salt was unpleasant for me.

@vanclute, haha, yeah. Anything less and it tastes bland to me. Which is why I found experiences like yours interesting. I wonder what causes such opposite experiences.


Wow that’s really wild. I guess different people just have different sensitivities to… well just about everything! 1/4tsp to me is almost imperceptible. Make a subtle change to the flavor but it’s not bad, just slightly different. But go anything beyond that and it goes downhill really fast!


Maybe the loose bowels were caused by too much magnesium?

Alao you could Try a mix of insoluble and soluble fibers


I believe insoluble fiber would result in me having looser bowels. I’m already supplementing with soluble. But thank you, I realized my dehydration was just because the heat was making me sweat, and I didn’t compensate for it