In Light Of Recent Threads, Allow Me To Remind You:


This was a post from Soylent in November:

In it, they say:

In case you haven’t figured it out yet, we’re well past 4-5 weeks since then, and people are still having issues with being charged and having nothing to show for it.

So, you know. Just throwing that out there.


:confused: well then… It would be deeply ironic if tlthe changes they made to address the problem is the cause behind the current problems.


I have a feeling that Rosa Lab’s current shipping issues are now caused by their recent investment of 20 million dollars (see the latest Soylent blog post) & the subsequent restructuring of shipping, manufacturing & product research.

In the short term, we have to deal with some problems, but longer term we should see major improvements in all areas. They mention increasing Soylent production by 500 times, which should finally end their order backlog & provide simultaneous billing & shipping of subscriptions. Imagine that.

Patience. Go Soylent!


Correction: They plan to increase production by 50 times, not 500. Oops! That’s still a big jump.


Yeah, that’s cool and all, but it makes me feel bad for these people who got in way earlier and are being screwed on the regs. Actually kinda glad I put off ordering it for a bit since by the time I get to Phoenix get my Soylent it should be much closer to an ideal production speed.


That 20 million makes things one step closer to seeing Soylent in grocery stores. Except Rob did mention he likes the idea of having food delivered.


Thing is that for me, delivery versus grocery stores is about the same thing. I can’t get things delivered right to my door because I live in a highrise. So I have to pick it up at the courier depot or post office anyway. I’d be happier just picking up packages at the store in quantities that I want.



Same here - I’d much prefer being able to buy it at the local grocery store. In my case, I live outside of town. It’s a 20+ km drive for me to pick up any package. But I drive right by the grocery store on my commute to/from work.


I can only imagine the faces one would receive if one purchased a months worth of Soylent at their local supermarket.


Can’t be worse than the looks I get when I buy a bunch of Disney Infinity figures and some lube.


IDK. Nothing to be embarrassed about, anyway. And I bet we’d see it in places like GNC first.


That’s my guess too. GNC is used to selling protein powders and such in large quantities. I bet they’d give Soylent major display. And they’re handy to me being in nearly every mall in town.