Incident at the airport {Newark, NJ}

Was 3 people behind this guy who got the extra treatment for having 2.0 in his carry on.

Problem was he freaked out about a minute into being questioned. He pushed his bag on the floor and took off past all of us waiting in line.

I don’t know what ended up happening to him. The bag got taken away, with the 5 bottles and everything else I saw…

From my vantage point the bottles still had their outer seal, which I know may or may not mean something…

So my take away from this is that Soylent 2.0 really does give a person extra energy!


(Assuming US) The whole 3-1-1 fluid rule for carry on luggage doesn’t have an exception for sealed goods. You can’t even bring an unopened bottle of water. Definitely one place where there’s an advantage to the powder - you can carry powder on, you have to check liquid.


But it sounds like this guy did a police procedural tv show freak out over it. Very suspicious…

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Also, what airport? I can help rule out drugs and/or terrorism (jk, i hope).

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Newark, NJ…I’ve had 2.oh on me at checkout once and was late for my flight…Had to chuck it so no big deal and security was perfectly fine…

Offered to drink it but they said no…Either check it or chuck it…

I thought everyone knew that liquids in your carry on are limited to 100ml. Live and learn the hard way I guess. Also this is an excellent example of why you just cooperate with authorities no matter how upset you are inside.

I have flown with 1.6 powder in my carry on a dozen times - they have swabbed my bag about 25% of the time - (3 times.)

This person that tried to carry on liquid 2.0 obviously didn’t know the TSA liquid carry on policy. How embarrassing!!

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Embarrassment is one thing, but I feel like people are missing the part where it sounds like he fled or tried to flee the scene over this… unless that is a normal reaction to just not knowing the ‘liquid law’? I dunno. Then again, if there were bad or illegal intentions involved, what a dumb way to go about it.

I wouldn’t assume he “fled” from the scene. In fact, I doubt he did.

And I’d bet my house there were not “illegal intentions.” Seems pointless to even entertain such an extreme possibility.

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Oh okay…

I just inferred him ‘taking off’ and this:

as possible suspicions of ‘foul play’…

Regardless, I didn’t assume he fled the scene.

I’m not saying miniature Soylent bottles are the answer, but think of how cute they would be!


Just no! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

667 -> 500 -> 400 -> 100?

“Soylent, now for less than $1 per meal!”


I’m going to guess that he was having a temper tantrum, rather than “fleeing” the scene.

I’m basing that on the fact that if I’d be tempted to stomp off in a huff if I’d: a) forgotten to eat lunch, b) forgotten I couldn’t take 2.0 through security, and c) was about to be subjected to a two hour wait in an airport that only sells over-priced food that I don’t like.


Off topic but… I love PDX for this reason. At PDX, their in terminal restaurants and eateries are the same price as outside the airport. Yes most of the food is in the middle of concourse C and D, but it’s worth a little walk and it’s also Sales Tax free. (Plus they have the walkway connecting the two sides of the airport so no one has to go back through security to get to an opposing concourse)


Which just brings me to say: I really wish they would sell 2.0 bottles at airports. Especially since you can’t bring it past security. I travel with portioned out powder and a blender bottle in carryons too but usually I don’t use it until I’m at my destination, unless I’m on a long international flight. Or desperate.

It would be great to have ice cold Soylent bottles out of a vending machine or something in the airport. Sometimes there isn’t time to eat properly, or even grab fast food. A bottle of Soylent to grab to take on the flight would be amazing.


They’re working on it. But I think eliminating the security theatre would be faster.

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What about a solid form factor?

lol that would be great.

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I don’t think anyone would buy them unless they called it something clever like Food Bar.