Include Fish Oil


I am thinking of ordering soylent.
I see there s an option for fish oil.
Does that make it taste fishy?
Can regular olive oil be used instead?



The included oil will not make it tastes fishy. The option to order without the oil is there to primarily satisfy customers who wish to order a vegan version.

You should not replace the fish oil with just olive oil, you would be missing some nutrients.

Unless you’re vegan you would probably do best to order the regular blend with the oil.


If you are vegan or vegetarian, you could use a mixture of different oils.

My recommendation would be to take a look at coconut oil (lots of medium chained triclicerides), extra-virgin olive (not optimal, but easily available), flaxseed oil (highest ω3/ω6 ratio), hemp oil (optimal ω3/ω6 ratio) and pumkin seed oil (prostate health).

If you mix them, you should get all the nutrients you need.

Note: the tipp is from Brandon Brazier, a vegan triathlete, who also trains Hugh Jackman.