Include Flavor packs


I want flavor packs. Small flavor/spice packets I can add to Soylent to make it a little exciting. A few calories or a small nutritional imbalance wont harm that much but it will add some excitement and variety to powdered food which can be boring/monotonous to me sometimes.
I know people add stuff to it themselves like peanut butter or bananas but I want something in the box which is of the right amount and ready to go.

Make 10 different flavors and keep changing them and adding new ones. Chocolate, cinnamon, chicken, Chinese etc.


I think they’d have to make such a thing optional somehow, as I know that we wouldn’t want 99% of what other people have said they would want as flavorings. Chocolate - maybe for her. Cinnamon - a slight maybe. Anything else… highly unlikely.


Yeah I suggested something similar a while ago. I would love flavor packs!


Makes more sense to offer something like that as a side purchase.


What about a flavor packet containing the sucralose that makes it taste like 1.0 that you enjoyed?


Sure why not? But then at some point couldn’t we just make the case that Soylent should be individual powders in the correct proportions that we can just mix together as we see fit? So essentially, all Soylent goes the DIY route?

I dunno, I just kinda feel like Soylent should sell their product as “one size fits most” and if people want any variation on it, then they can go DIY or take advantage of the numerous independent soylent makers that are springing up. I like that Soylent has only a single formula (excluding oil. no oil) and that it will always be the same (aside from improvements in efficacy/nutrition… but those changes being made to appease the loudest voices is concerning to me). That’s exactly what I wanted from the product. I’m not interested in having dozens of flavors to choose from. If I want that, I’ll flavor my Soylent. But frankly that’s fairly close to never.


No, make a Soylent flavor pack that I can dump into some ramen noodles.


One-size-fits-all is good. The flavor packs would be optional and could be bought separately from Rosa labs or anyone who does DIY stuff. I just want something I can tear open and mix it into the powder and have a great tasting meal that doesn’t taste the same every time I eat.

The problem with food for me is that if I eat the same thing all the time I get really tired of it and I start dreading it even though I really liked it in the beginning. I’m going to say thats the case for most people too. So I think we need variety.
I guess I can start eating some nuts and other stuff with the meals to change up things.


Yeah apparently I’m the weirdo. I’ve eaten almost exactly the same diet my entire life, with only very slight variations within each category of item (different brands of cereal, different brands of milk, different brands of cheese, etc.) I’ve never craved variety for variety’s sake. So when people talk about how people need variety of flavors of Soylent and so forth… I just don’t relate.


I can relate to you though. I’ve always been happy with the same thing each day, apart from the nutritional deficiencies that inevitable came up


Yeah exactly… that’s why I’m so happy with Soylent. One single homogenous totally balanced non-meat-based option that’s also reasonably priced and tasty. Checks all my boxes for sure! :smiley:


I’m categorically against adding flavors- isn’t such a breach of the original purpose of Soylent? That being said, you should try making your own flavors. I like nesquick in mine.


I can see flavored Soylent having a significant advantage over after the fact flavoring. For example, I can add peanut butter to my Soylent but it probably results in less perfect nutrient ratios vs. plain. On the other hand, if there is a peanut butter flavor where the levels of maltodextrin, protein, fat and what not have been adjusted to account for the peanut butter the ratios can be maintained.

That said, I can’t imagine that would be a priority while there’s a lengthy queue to get Soylent.


yeah I think this is where the 3rd parties will fill the gap. From what I’ve read, Rob & crew have little to no interest in exploring multiple varieties of Soylent, preferring to leave that to others. Which frankly I think is smart. I’d like to see Rosa Labs get REALLY good at producing one single “perfect” product in enough supply to meet all demand and drive down the costs for everyone. I see flavorings as a very very distant runner-up by comparison. But again, there’s other entrepreneurial spirits willing to step up…


Hi! :stuck_out_tongue:

In October I started offering Schmoylent in multiple flavors, but I’m curious whether people would like flavor packets as an alternative option. They’re less convenient than a pre-flavored mix, but offer more flexibility, of course. On my side, I wouldn’t have to keep stock of so many different Schmoylent variations, but I’d have to put flavor powders into separate little bags, which could be more time consuming.

Any thoughts?


I would imagine a lot of it would come down to price. If you had a solid idea of what people would pay for what quantity of product, then you could start to rough out what your time & materials will cost, to see if it’s worth doing vs. flavored products.


Hands down, I’d prefer flavoring packets. Like the ones used for water bottles. I mix my Soylent in single meal batches using blender bottles and have them sitting in the fridge (home / work) 12-24 hours before use. When I pop the top to pour in the oil before drinking I could easily pick a flavor to add as well.

Having to choose your flavor so far in advance of drinking would REALLY suck. If you only want one flavor, fine. If you like variety and having several flavors on offer, spur of the moment choice would be mandatory for me.

As well, this would allow you to sell flavor/additive(enzyme?) packets to those who use Soylent and not just your own product.


They will need to make the base package neutral, anyway.
My flavor recommendations:

  • Spice (Jalapeño+Additional salt to compensate+Barbecue sauce)
  • Tomato dressing and colors
  • Ketchup/mayonaise flavoring
  • Caridea flavoring and colors
  • Noodle flavoring
  • Strawberry flavoring
  • Blue and black berry flavoring
  • Grape flavoring
  • Banana flavoring and colors
  • Soya-Lentin sauce
  • Milk flavoring
  • Orange flavoring
  • Olive flavoring
  • Olive oil
  • Peach flavoring and colors
  • Potato flavoring
  • Extra proteins
  • Extra sugars
  • Extra fibra


I certainly don’t disagree with the idea that it could be left for a third party, but I think Rob and Co are at least considering releasing Soylent flavoring as a stand alone product. He did visit with some type of synthetic flavoring company around his last birthday if memory serves… Regardless, I’d certainly be interested in trying some Rosa Labs Soylent Flavoring as long as the price is tolerable, which would probably be a few bucks a day for me.


[quote=“axcho, post:15, topic:18185”]
I’m curious whether people would like flavor packets as an alternative option. They’re less convenient than a pre-flavored mix, but offer more flexibility, of course.[/quote]
People would definitely be interested.
In response to any posts that I was suggesting pre-mixed Soylent that is already flavored: I never suggested that flavoring should be added to the mix and they would sell 20 flavored bags of Soylent. That is not a good idea at all.

The best way would be to keep Soylent as it is and make separate packs of flavors that we can open and mix (like how we do it for Ramen noodles) into the powder ourselves (hence I wrote “flavor packs” in the heading).

So yea people would love flavor packs. Thats why we go into the Ice cream store and there’s 50 different flavors. Any ice cream store which only sold one flavor would not have a lot of business. Juice companies and frozen meal companies make varieties of products to cater to a variety of customers. Its good for business and for the customer who wants more choice.

Good to know. I’m pretty sure it will happen eventually; maybe a year or two from now. Either from the company themselves or 3rd parties.
I’d buy a box of variety of flavor like how you have e-cigarette sample packs (example) so I can find the ones I like and order those specifically later.