Incomplete Fulfilment :-(


So after almost a year, I ordered in October of 2013, I finally received my one week order of Soylent today, 9/24/2014. After all that wait, after all the emails, and after my “One Weekers, Join me” post, it came today, UNFULFILLED. 6 bags of Soylent, No Scoop, and 7 bottles of oil. Is this some kind of payback for my post?!

Really let down with you guys. As a CrowdFunder I wouldn’t expect this. Especially after the emails.

Will this be rectified?
@JulioMiles @MattCauble


I’d bet money that there was no maliciousness involved. ‘Unfulfilled’ seems like the wrong word. ‘Incomplete’ sounds more accurate…


Damn, that’s not good! Very sorry for the inconvenience, @Sixy – we’ll definitely get a replacement shipment out ASAP. Can you confirm that you received the pitcher? Also, please PM me your email address so I can find your order and get things rectified.


Go buy a pitcher and scoop from Amazon, Walmart, Target or a hundred other places.

You’ve got THE most critical ingredient to making Original Soylent…The Soylent!

Don’t sweat the small stuff. Search on here what capacity pitcher and scoop you’ll need { if you don’t already know}, and get to mixing, refridgin, and drinking!


You are right indeed. Incomplete is the better word.

@JulioMiles. The pitcher was received.


Hey @Sixy we are overnighting your missing material. I will get you tracking as soon as it is available.


We just talked to the warehouse, and from this point forward they will be weighing each box before clearing it for shipment. Hopefully this will prevent further incidents like this.


Thank you guys. The quick response is very much appreciated.


Got the remaining bag and scoop the next day, but I did start the Soylent journey the day I received my supply and must say one day in and I feel great on Soylent! Keeps me full and satisfied and I have a little more uptick in energy. I work graveyard shifts so getting through that shift and morning was a lot easier. I was hoping for more of a cake batter taste as others described but found that it really has a oatey flavor to it. Reminds me of some protein shakes I would drink blended with oatmeal, though not as tastey as those. This could be a good relationship between me and Soylent. :-). Even though the beginning with the company was anything but that… :-/


Its growing pains. Hopefully it continues being as awesome for you, as its been for the rest of us.