Incomplete shipment requires fulfillment


My first order of Soylent 1.1 (order #9477) arrived today, but it was missing product “1SK - Kit of Pitcher and Scoop” as printed on the packing slip.

There are several indications that something happened to the package en route, but I’m not sure what exactly. The tracker on the package I received (283513883334410) is different than the tracker you initially sent me
(283513883368026). FedEx indicates a “Shipment Exception” in Middletown, PA, at 8:47pm on 10/16 noting that the barcode was unreadable and replaced. The original tracker and the packing slip indicate a weight of 15.4 lbs, whereas the tracker on the package I received indicates a weight of only 10.7 lbs. Additionally, the package I received was not
fully sealed with tape and was partially open.

I have initiated an inquiry with FedEx, but I have no explanations yet, and I don’t expect them to locate the missing items.

In any case, this is very disappointing and frustrating after already waiting for such an extremely long time for the shipment to arrive in the first place.

Please ship me “1SK - Kit of Pitcher and Scoop” ASAP. I assume that there will be no queue for this since I should’ve
already received it and that it will be sent immediately.

Thank you,

@JulioMiles @MattCauble


Your supposed to tag @Soylent now to get RL’s attention.


Oh oh, definitely sounds like something happened to your shipment en route – we’ll overnight a starter kit for you tomorrow. Apologies for the inconvenience!


Great, thanks for the quick response. I’ll watch for the shipment and post again after it’s been received.


Whereas I got two starter kits–one with my first, one-week order, one with the first shipment of my 28-day subscription, and I don’t need either of them! Maybe someone will want one for Christmas.


received and resolved

thank you