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I recently canceled my subscription to Soylent as I had received, what I believe to be, a bad batch. I noticed right away that the Soylent in the bag was looser, less “moist” than my previous order (think wet sand compared to dry sand). Upon mixing it, it didn’t thicken like it had before (even spilling when I shook the bottle). It also had a terrible aftertaste with a saltier base. The bag had bolder looking font as well and displayed an expiration date of 2/2017 instead of 2/2016.

Something was seriously off about these bags. Has anyone else experienced anything like this? I went through my supply and found a few bags that expired in 2016, made it alongside a bag that expired in 2017 and had proven to myself that the flavor/consistency difference wasn’t just in my head.

I would love to resolve this as I had ordered 2 months worth (though I’ve been given a full refund), but was only able to use about 2 weeks worth. It’d be a shame to toss it all out if it’s as simple as just one ingredient missing.



Always a good idea to check other threads. Don’t dread the threads!

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(Also, the expiration date is of no consequence. Next to the expiration date is a batch number; will you post the different batch numbers here?


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Ahh, sorry about that. I went into this thinking my situation was unique, but appears to have already been addressed. Thanks for your help.


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Can you post pictures of both the bad and good batch bags? I think it’s odd that the packaging is as different as its contents.


Yeah, makes me want to ask if all packages were obtained directly from here, or through a reseller.


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Anytime you have an issue email us at We want to be able to react quickly to any potential issues with the production. The expiration date is a result of us being conservative. It does not reflect a change in ingredients.


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