Inconsistent taste/texture from different lots of 2.0

My December 2.0 is still on its way, but this topic deserves its own thread.

[quote=“wezaleff, post:1, topic:24577”]
I don’t remember seeing these on previous shipments:
“This Unit Not Labeled For Retail Sale” text on side of each bottle.[/quote]Confirmed as of my Dec. 16th delivery. Wasn’t there two weeks ago.

[quote=“wezaleff, post:1, topic:24577”]November 2016 expiration date on cardboard box and bottle caps.[/quote]Confirmed.[quote=“wezaleff, post:1, topic:24577”]Outer seal looks like a different material? Maybe not quite as smooth and glossy. Feels a little… stiffer and sturdier?
[/quote]It’s definitely more “matte” than “shiny” in appearance.

I was mostly curious about what’s inside the bottles. :grin:


I’ve noticed a slight flavour difference. Same aftertaste, different initial flavour. Like 2.0 mixed with 1.5. Anybody else notice this or am I going full placebo?

Scratch that. Tastes like a combination of old 2.0 and the DIY Soylent I made (More Nutritious than Batman, Superman and the Incredible Hulk Put Together, I believe it was) before Canada got the real thing. Smelling it, it’s definitely sweeter than before. There wasn’t supposed to be any changes, was there? Weird.

I had glossy August for breakfast and matte-wrap November just now. If I had to nail down a difference, I couldn’t say confidently that the taste was any different. Fully shaken, there’s less “fiber grit” feel though… Easier to swallow.


Matte bottles definitely taste different. I like the old one better. There is more aftertaste and it more ‘during’ taste.


I’ve got a fresh shipment arriving soon and I’ll still have a couple bottles of my last box left when it gets here. Not sure whether the December batch has hit Canada yet, but if my new shipment is matte I’ll do a comparison. I’ll drink both from mugs in case the packaging changes are causing a change in perception of the taste.


Definitely like the old taste better, as well. This is less neutral. Seems like I could get sick of it, whereas the old taste was one I never tired of. I actually looked forward to drinking “glossy” 2.0. This may start to feel like a chore.

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I would expect them to taste duller.

(Wait for it…)


I emailed the support email. I dont understand why there wasnt a changelog, if they changed it they should notify the customers who think they are buying a different product… Just drank another bottle and i am not getting used to it at all.

Same experience here. I must say that I like the matte wrapping better - I’ve had better luck in regards to an earlier thread I posted:



Has there been any confirmation that anything changed?

From what I have seen, they have explicitly stated that nothing actually has changed.


Nothing has changed, and I am looking into the issue.


all august bottles have some amount of mold when consumed - not enough to be seen visually, but enough to slightly change the flavor.
the matte bottle changes the flavor perception.
(as per the article soylent linked in their email:

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After about 228 bottles I’ve detected no variations in the flavor of August 2.0, other than when consuming it at different temperatures (I prefer chilled). Every bottle has tasted just like the one prior.

I’ve only had one bottle of November 2.0 so far, but it clearly tastes different. My first impression is that November’s flavor is less direct. I never thought 2.0 tasted like Cheerios milk; graham crackers was closer to the mark for me. The hint of buttery (sponge toffee?) flavor I detected in August 2.0 is either gone or subdued. It tastes more plain to me, almost like some of the flavors were removed or toned down.

It’s not bad, but so far I’d say I prefer August slightly (and maybe that’s to be expected, at about 228 bottles [no mold yet!] vs. 1 bottle consumed; I have a tendency to find foods I like and eat them over and over). I’m curious to see if November is as self-consistent as August, or if flavor and texture will vary from bottle to bottle (I hope not!).

As others have said, the texture of November is smoother than August. I can see why someone said it was “chalky,” if by chalky they meant the particulates in suspension are much finer than August 2.0 (which to me was already very smooth). That’s what it tastes like to me, anyway. I’m fine with either texture; they’re both worlds ahead of Soylent 1.0-1.5.

As far as matte vs. glossy, they both look nice to me. :grin:

PS: I think the world is ready for chocolate Soylent now, @Conor. Make it happen.

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re: chocolate
do not make me sad.
i am unfortunately very sensitive to caffeine, and chocolate soylent would take it off my menu.

No need to be sad.

They wouldn’t replace Soylent with chocolate Soylent. He is asking for a chocolate version, in addition to the regular Soylent.


It could be chocolate flavored instead of having real cocoa in it; no cocoa, no caffeine! But like Ric said, it wouldn’t replace the plain variety. Not everyone likes chocolate. I feel like it won’t happen, though.

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I’ve tried a couple of the newer 2.0’s and can taste a difference but wouldn’t have noticed if I wouldn’t have read this thread. Maybe a little sweeter. Maybe a little more aftertaste. I think I’ve also noticed the tiniest bit of “silt” at the end of the bottle. Notice I said “I think” so it is so little I wouldn’t notice otherwise.

Every time I drink 2.0 I am shocked at how good it is. I started with DIY and that had a lot of “silt” and different flavor and thickness each different batch. Soylent 1.0-1.5 were much better in every aspect than my DIY. The only place it was worse is the horse killing farts. Now that 2.0 is here I can finally go 100% Soylent!!!

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